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What are the benefits of professionally written resume?


Score more interviews

Job seekers using our writing service are interviewed two to three times more often than those using self-written resumes.


Increase your value

A professionally rewritten resume makes candidates 20% to 50% more hirable compared to standard candidates who use a resume template.


Bypass the bots

Get your resume past both the hiring manager and the resume-scanning software and get into the pool of candidates. Find your dream job faster.


Find your dream job faster

You can now obtain a professional CV within minutes and double your chances of getting ideal jobs

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Career Transition

Highlight your qualifications, skills and experience with powerful language and targeted keywords to get noticed by hiring managers and score more interviews. Take control of your job search now and watch your interview invitations pile up!



  • CV/Resume writing services
  • Job Search Tracker
  • A Personalized Cover Letter Builder
  • Thank You Note Templates
  • Interview Follow-Up Templates
  • LinkedIn Profile Optimizer
  • 60 Days CV Rewriting Guarantee.
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Career Advancement

Stop Wasting Time and Start Landing Interviews with the Ultimate Toolkit: Get ready to transform your job search with our comprehensive toolkit. Learn how to craft an ATS-friendly resume, build a keyword-rich LinkedIn profile, and write compelling cover letters that secure interviews. Enroll in the toolkit today and watch your dream job become a reality!



  • CV/Resume writing services
  • Cover letter Services
  • A Keyword-Optimized LinkedIn Profile
  • Thank You Note Templates
  • Follow-Up Letter Template
  • Job Search Tracker
  • 60 Days CV Rewriting Guarantee.
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Reverse Recruiting



Through Dr.Job reverse recruiting service, we will optimize your resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter, searching and applying for jobs on behalf of you!

* This service is available to candidates worldwide.

  • You’ll be paired with a dedicated Reverse Recruiter who will manage your job search from the application to the interview.
  • Initial discovery call with your Reverse Recruiter.
  • 7-12 jobs meticulously selected each week according to your criteria.
  • 7-12 approved jobs applied for on your behalf each week.
  • Resume optimization for every submitted job application.
  • Personalized marketing to companies of interest.
  • Exploration of opportunities within the "hidden job market".
  • Live chat support with your Reverse Recruiter during business hours.
  • This service is available to candidates worldwide.
  • Networking on your behalf to land you interviews
  • Marketing you to target companies of your choice
  • Salary negotiation advice (available for each offer).
  • CV Rewrite Guarantee within 60 days.


We have helped our clients obtain positions ranging from startups to major corporations around the world.

Camiel Grant III
Consultant. Simpler Consulting, an IBM Company

I chose to work with Alexis based off a recommendation from a friend and she and her team did not disappoint! The resume writers were able to transform my...

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Curt Deeter
Director Of Operations at Tier One Property Services

A great overall experience

A great overall experience and, best of all, a new job for me! Thanks to the team for the help and support!

Chandler Bishop
Junior Copywriter at fluent360

I would recommend Alexis and her team for resume service to any recent graduate looking to revamp their resume and highlight their undergraduate experience. He...

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Dr.Job's resume writing service ensures that job seekers present themselves with confidence and professionalism, significantly enhancing their chances of securing interviews. Statistics reveal that individuals utilizing this service are interviewed two to three times more frequently than those relying on self-written resumes.
This marked increase underscores the value of professional expertise in crafting impactful resumes. Furthermore, candidates with resumes professionally rewritten by Dr.Job experience a notable surge in hirability, ranging from 20% to 50% compared to peers using standard templates.
This advantage not only facilitates getting past both hiring managers and resume-scanning software but also positions candidates more prominently in the competitive job market. With Dr.Job's assistance, aspiring professionals can expedite their journey toward landing their dream job, armed with resumes that captivate and impress potential employers.
Indeed, Dr. Job offers a lot of services catering to the employment journey, extending from job vacancies in the Gulf countries, the Middle East, and worldwide. Additionally, Dr. Job facilitates an automated job application service and offers a wealth of professional articles and advice tailored to both job seekers and employers alike.
Possessing a distinctive resume holds significant importance as it frequently serves as the initial introduction to a potential employer. In the current competitive employment landscape, recruiters are inundated with countless resumes for every job vacancy, allocating mere seconds to skim through each submission. A standout resume captures the employer's interest, prompting a desire to delve deeper into your candidacy and learn more about what you have to offer.
The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is a software application used by employers and recruiters to manage and streamline the recruitment process. ATS allows organizations to collect, store, and track job applications and resumes electronically. It helps in sorting and filtering through large volumes of resumes, making it easier for recruiters to identify qualified candidates.
Adapting your resume for each job application can significantly boost your chances of success. When you tailor your resume to match the unique needs and preferences of each job posting, you show genuine interest in the position and how your skills align with what the employer is looking for.

Here's why it's beneficial to create a customized resume for each job:

1. Highlighting relevant experience: Customizing your resume allows you to showcase the skills and experiences that matter most for the job you want. This makes it clear to recruiters why you're a good fit for the position.
2. Addressing specific job requirements: Different jobs have different requirements and qualifications. By tailoring your resume, you can directly address these criteria and demonstrate how you meet them.
3. Tailoring your message: Every company has its own unique culture and values. Customizing your resume enables you to align your message with the employer's priorities, showing why you'd be a great addition to their team.
LinkedIn Profile Development by Dr.Job is a service designed to optimize and enhance your LinkedIn profile to attract attention from recruiters and potential employers.
Dr.Job's Resume Enhancement service is a professional offering designed to improve the quality and effectiveness of your resume to increase your chances of securing job interviews.
Dr.Job's Cover Letter Development service is designed to create personalized and compelling cover letters that effectively highlight your qualifications, experiences, and motivations to potential employers.