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Since 2016, Dr.Job became the region's leading career portal that connects employers and professionals. We offer all types of job opportunities (full-time, part-time, hybrid and remote) on a high-tech platform that enables all parties to achieve their goals quickly and cost-effectively.

We've been working 24/7, remotely and from our office in Abu Dhabi to build an inclusive platform for all professionals in the job market to solve their problems and meet their needs, so we completely understand the flexibility that the employee needs to succeed in their career.

Today, Dr.Job is firmly embedded in the market and has a comprehensive understanding of the Gulf and Middle East recruiting industry. This is demonstrated by our comprehensive bilingual recruitment platform.

Dr.Job has grown to be one of the most trusted and respected brands in the region over the years as we are a home for more than 47K Company and more than 5 M register user. We have received various awards of distinction over the years, like the "Worldwide Top 500 Job Portals 2020″ for global leadership by Global Human Capital Group (GHCG).

Our Services:

The portal offers job seekers various services, including a straightforward registration process, free downloadable bilingual CV file, simple video CV maker, premium jobs, profile performance indicator, and career resources.

It also provides various services to employers, including unlimited access to millions of CVs, Free job postings, HR toolkits, and integrated ATS.

Both employers and job seekers can work anywhere and anytime on a high-tech platform as we offer global jobs from the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, India, and many more.

Our Goals

Our goal is to make hiring as easy as possible. We find the right talent for every company, ensuring that each candidate finds a job they enjoy.

Our Mission


To be the region's first trusted job platform that connects exceptional employers with exceptional talent.

Our Values

We do what we do professionally, with a focus on customer satisfaction, safety, and security. Loyalty, Integrity, Invention, and Reality

Our Story told in few lines.

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In 2016, Every idea starts with a problem

Ours were the job seekers struggling to find work, either by wasting time and effort in the search and journey or accepting bogus job offers that cost them a lot of money. As a result, Mr. Rakan Al Nsour, CEO and founder of Dr.Job, began to consider the idea of launching a reliable and certified job portal to facilitate the job search process by offering legitimate jobs with the region's top employers using the most cutting-edge high-tech solutions.

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As of 2016,

Dr.Job's team works hard and passionately remotely, and from their office in Abu Dhabi, UAE, to deliver great customer service and sustain client satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, Dr.Job became the first reliable online platform that provides genuine job openings, tailored hiring solutions, and distinctive job search services.


Following a decade of success,

Dr.Job is ranked first in the Middle East job market. It tailors its services to three central cores: hiring, career development, and support, ensuring that each employer and job seeker receives exceptional 360-degree guidance throughout their job search journey.

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By 2023,

Dr.Job has over 5 million subscribers and provides premium services for both employers and job seekers. Dr.Job was named one of the top 500 job portals in the world in a GHCG survey. It is built with cutting-edge technological solutions. As a result, over 47k Middle Eastern companies have chosen to integrate with the platform.