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Dr.Job Reverse Recruiting service
Client's Can Save 130+ Hours!

Dr.Job offer a fully managed job search services, or reverse recruiting. We find, apply, and network for jobs on your behalf – landing you interviews! We can save you 130+ hours on job searching. Our program blends our recruiting know-how and resume skills, assisting everyone from newbies to seasoned pros in landing their dream jobs.

We start by chatting with the client to grasp their needs. Then, we polish their resume, LinkedIn profile, and cover letter to boost their chances of getting plenty of interviews and exciting job offers.

Reverse Recruiting Package



We offer a variety of job search services to help you land your dream job. Finally, you can outsource your job search to a professional. We find, apply, and network for jobs on your behalf bringing you up to 4x more interviews!
Here's what you get:

  • icon You’ll be paired with a dedicated Reverse Recruiter who will manage your job search from the application to the interview.
  • icon Initial discovery call with your Reverse Recruiter.
  • icon 7-12 jobs meticulously selected each week according to your criteria.
  • icon 7-12 approved jobs applied for on your behalf each week.
  • icon Resume optimization for every submitted job application.
  • icon Personalized marketing to companies of interest.
  • icon Exploration of opportunities within the "hidden job market".
  • icon Live chat support with your Reverse Recruiter during business hours.
  • icon This service is available to candidates worldwide.
  • icon Networking on your behalf to land you interviews
  • icon Marketing you to target companies of your choice
  • icon Salary negotiation advice (available for each offer).
  • icon CV Rewrite Guarantee within 60 days.

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job searching

Job Searching

During your job search, your reverse recruiter will pinpoint positions aligned with your career objectives. These job opportunities will be accessible in your job search tracker. Kindly indicate your approval or rejection of each job, accompanied by detailed notes, throughout the duration of the service.

Job Tracking

Our reverse recruiters diligently keep tabs on the status of every job application. Within each candidate's personalized job search tracker, they can access a detailed summary of all sourced jobs and the current status of each application. This centralized platform gives candidates complete visibility and management over their job hunt, ensuring they stay well-informed and actively involved throughout the process.

job application
job application

Job Applications

Your reverse recruiter will proceed to apply for the jobs you have endorsed for the week. Typically, we refine your resume to tailor it for each job application we submit. Your reverse recruiter will aim to submit around 50 applications per week.


Reverse recruiting turns traditional hiring upside down by shifting the focus from companies filling positions to job seekers finding their ideal roles. A reverse recruiter aids job seekers in navigating their job search, applying for positions, and securing interviews. With Dr.Job Reverse Recruiting service, we do the job hunting for you. We look for job openings, apply for them, and keep track of them, turning around how job applications usually work.
At Dr.Job, we take great pride in pioneering the world's first and only fully managed job search service of its caliber. We're not aware of any other company globally that offers such comprehensive assistance. Our Reverse Recruiting team of experts are committed to overseeing every facet of your job search journey, from curating tailored job opportunities to refining your resume, applying, and networking on your behalf. Unlike merely offering advice, we take action on your behalf, ensuring a seamless job search experience. Your dedicated Reverse Recruiter remains by your side throughout the entire process, ensuring no aspect of your job search is outsourced.
You can expect around 50 job applications to be sent out every week, based on the jobs you give the green light for over the weekend.
It is impossible to offer a guarantee of interviews or employment with our reverse recruiting services. Each job search is entirely unique, and factors outside of our control can influence the duration and success of a job search.
However, we are proud to say that we have an extremely high success rate as About 90% of our clients receive a job offer after using the service for 3 months. We can guarantee that your Reverse Recruiter and Client Strategist are fully committed to your job search and making it a success. Their top priority is to secure interviews for you and help you ace them.
By using our service, you can save more than 130 hours on job search tasks because we take care of finding, applying for, and keeping track of job applications for you.
While we can't promise you'll land a job within a set timeframe, most of the job searches we handle wrap up in roughly three months. Some clients have secured offers in just two weeks, while others have taken up to six months. It's crucial to understand that factors like where you're willing to work, salary expectations, and how well you interview can affect how long it takes to find a job. Although we can't control these variables, we're dedicated to giving you top-notch service to support you in reaching your career aspirations.
Our Reverse Recruiting team comprises professionals with backgrounds in HR, recruitment, resume writing, and various related fields. We seek out individuals with a passion for talent acquisition who are eager to depart from the conventional methods of filling company positions. Instead, our Reverse Recruiters are driven by a strong desire to assist job seekers in securing their ideal roles directly.
We are proud to serve our Reverse Recruiting clients worldwide, including those residing in or pursuing job opportunities in any country.
Yes, you can chat with your Reverse Recruiter during business hours for any queries or updates.
After registering on our website, you'll promptly receive an email containing a Welcome Packet, which includes instructions for the next steps and useful tips. You'll be guided to fill out a profile that your Reverse Recruiter will utilize for job applications. To optimize outcomes, ensure your resume and LinkedIn profile are updated and prepared before onboarding with your Reverse Recruiter.