How Dubai Expo 2020 will change the world?


Dubai Expo 2020 will be running from October 2020 till April 2021 under the theme of (connecting minds, creating future) will attract the best trade, products, and innovation from all over the world bringing different trade zones close together to share their ideas and products. The government has invested a gigantic amount of money to ensure the Expo 2020 runs without any setback. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, vice-president and Prime Minister of the UAE and ruler of Dubai has promised of hosting the best Expo edition in its 168 years history. This event will bring up tremendous flourishing impacts on various aspects for both guests and hosts. In this article, we will clarify in brief intensive pieces of information on how Dubai Expo 2020 will change the world.

Expo 2020 is expected to deliver 277,000 new job opportunities that will positively influence the small and medium projects, as already existing businesses will harvest benefits because of hospitalizing and helping the guests. Moreover, a whole new city over an area of 1082 acre will be built especially for Expo 2020, this will therefore generate a large number of job opportunities that will keep multiplying.

Expo 2020 is expected to yield a huge revenue of $24.2 billion and revenue generation that will exceed $17.7 billion if the exhibition achieves success, as organizers are well assured of its unprecedented success. This will definitely increase the flood of liquidity.

The exhibition will attract foreign investments especially in sectors of real estate, tourism, and hospitality with investment rate expected to exceed $150 billion. Visitors, on the other side, are expected to be 77 million 25 millions of which are expected to be international. This will generate profits in the fields of tourism and hospitality due to the great numbers of tourists.

The projects are 25 in total all of which address the sustainable development goals (SDGs). Each project deals with real word matters such as exterminating hunger to dealing with the problems resulted by climate change to promoting healthy wellbeing etc. by using approaches that can turn to usable solutions in any part of the world.

  • Job opportunities
  • Revenue and Yields
  • Foreign Investment and International Visitors
  • Some of the enchanting projects are:
  • The 25 selected projects are:
    • Dispensers for Safe Water, Evidence Action, Kenya
    • UNICEF Drones Programme, UNICEF, Vanuatu
    • WADI Solar Powered Water Filtration, Helioz, Austria
    • Big Box for the Calais Jungle Refugee Camp, Jangala, United Kingdom
    • 20,000 Suns, Hogan Lovells and Barefoot College, India
    • Global Plastic Waste Deposit and Tracking System, Empower, Norway
    • Question Coffee 4 SDGs, Sustainable Growers, Rwanda
    • The Mountain Partnership Products Initiative, The Mountain Partnership, Peru
    • Digital Farmer Service, Esoko, Ghana
    • Honey Production, Processing and Packaging into Value-Added Products from Rural Africa to Global Markets, Dytech, Zambia
    • Building a Green Refugee Camp, Land Life Company, Cameroon
    • Conservation Cooperatives, Planet Indonesia, Indonesia
    • Humanitarian-Development-Peace Nexus, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, Uganda
    • The Sri Lanka Mangrove Conservation Project, Seacology, Sri Lanka
    • Vulnerable in Vietnam, Buoyant Foundation Project, Vietnam
    • Creating Agents of Positive Change, The Citizens Foundation, Pakistan
    • Hygiene Promotion through Routine Immunization, WaterAid, Nepal
    • SDG Camps, UNDP, Tunisia
    • Janma Clean Birth Kit, Ayzh, India
    • Fighting Neglected Tropical Diseases with Mobile Phones, Sightsavers Nigeria
    • Plus School Menus, World Food Programme, Bhutan
    • Eco Village, Bangladesh Environment and Development Society, Bangladesh
    • Belize's First Cacao Agroforestry Concession within a Protected Area, Yaaxche Conservation Trust, Belize
    • Agua Tica, FUNDECOR, Costa Rica
    • Citizen Farm, Edible Garden City, Singapore
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