Integration of ATS Technology into Recruitment Solutions by Dr. Job and Join


Top ATS Solutions- and Join, two of the world's fastest-growing hiring solutions and services providers, have formed a strategic alliance to expand their market presence. This collaboration will assist recruiters in leveraging technology to onboard the appropriate personnel more quickly and cost-effectively.

Due to this collaboration, Dr. Job will provide Join's application tracking system (ATS) as a free add-on feature to all its users. Join's ATS solution will allow recruiters to manage their hiring processes more efficiently, potentially lowering resources to select by up to 50%.

Beyond Dr. Job and Join's Collaboration...

Mr. Rakan Nsour, Founder and CEO of, stated that the hiring market is evolving as emerging innovations such as Ai Technology (AI) and Computer Vision become more prevalent (ML). He went on to say that the collaboration with Join is one of the efforts that would help organizations that use Dr.job to streamline the process of employing technology for speedy and economical recruiting.

Join's cooperation is an expansion of these solutions. Companies may now systematize their recruiting procedures while benefiting from Dr. Job's other features, such as free search, getting answers, and more.

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More Top Candidates with Less Effort (Top ATS Solutions) and Join's collaboration will expand access to more applicants, share their experience in all areas, and boost the efficiency of picking the appropriate employee.

Mr. Rakan Al-Nsour continued: "This is a crucial collaboration for us as we continue our objective to assist businesses in recruiting superior personnel. We are excited to collaborate with Join and better serve our clients."

We attribute Dr. Job's collaboration with "Join" to Dr. Job's constant desire to assist companies in adopting new innovative digital transformation strategies for recruitment and providing the most accessible recruitment programs that simplify the hiring process and aid in the development of great teams.

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