The 2021 Great Resignation: What is it?


What is the 2021 Great Resignation? 

People are being urged to resign their jobs by a rising movement known as the Great Resignation. 

According to a recent survey, over ninety-five percent of workers say they're considering a career change. The 4 million people who resigned in April are not included in this total. 

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That is terrible news for companies battling to stay afloat or recruiting new employees. As a result, the staff braces themselves for the inevitable "I quit" statement. 

It's claimed that one in four employees is considering quitting their jobs this autumn. 

 Additionally, they plan to use their vacation time during the summer and enjoy full-time employment's perks before deciding to leave and hand in their notice. 

Do you know what sparked the "I quit" movement? 

Resignation is the result of some factors. It's also because a growing number of people are choosing to work from home or remotely and are reaping the benefits.  

People are wary about returning to a 9-to-5 desk job routine after a long vacation.  

Many people took advantage of the time off during the epidemic to hone their skills. As a result, people are increasingly seeking ways to combine their interests into their employment.  

Working fewer hours is a priority for some people, while others prefer not to miss out on time with their loved ones and friends. 

Furthermore, an expert's definition of a "great resignation" is simply a trend of people quitting their jobs to pursue a new career direction. 

For the past several months, resignations have been exceptionally high." At the end of July, there were a record-breaking 10.9 million available positions," stated an expert. 

On the other hand, new grads and job changers have a significant advantage. After all, a shift in consumer preferences brings a newfound sense of independence. 

In conclusion, we hope that 2022 is different for employers and companies. 

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