Virtual Dialog Between Continents


Europe, leaning on the top of the Russian Palros, said: what's wrong with you, backpackers? Why you're comparing, I am the first destination for tourists from all countries globally, don't you see my ancient history? Don't you see my museums, monuments, laws, and an infrastructure that has been set up to welcome you?

Don't you see the exciting choices of lakes, mountains, cities, adventures, and shopping, one currency in most of my countries? Hence, there is no need to exchange and worry. I will not talk about the beautiful atmosphere, my summer is spring for you, and my evening is a white experience you miss in your cities. So, Welcome, I am opening my doors to you - especially to you, Emiratis - there is no Visa with complicated procedures? No lengthy trips to reach? Here you will find the most famous tourist destinations: Paris, the first in the world. Come to Barcelona, Rome, London, Berlin, Venice, and the list is endless.

Enjoy and visit my miracle - you have the River Tinto in southern Spain, whose waters resemble fighters' blood. For adventurers, I say: Jump from the Norwegian Kjeragbolten rock hanging in the air, and you can visit the smallest city in the world, the Croatian «HUM,» which has nothing but Two streets, and why don't you visit the dreamer Githorn" the "Venice of the Netherlands," where there are no vehicles, only crossed waterways that embrace you between its canals.

The continent of Asia turned its head up, looking for the source of the voice, saying: Whom is this annoying older woman trying to tempt backpackers and travelers around the world? How does it compare itself to my charming nature? Is it not enough for your countries that share my continent with me? Is it not enough that Russia is mostly located on my land, and I do not know it is a part of you or me? I am the largest and occupy 30% of the land area, and 60% of the earth's population live on my land.

Asia Continent
I have the cheapest destinations in the world. You will not find anything more beautiful than my atmosphere. If you are looking for exciting islands and adventures at affordable prices, come and do not believe this. The old woman, some of its cities are crowded. Expenses will cost you an arm and a leg.

I have the most beautiful and developed cities in the world. In Dubai, there is the tallest Burj on earth, I have the highest point in the Everest Mountains, as you can see, we are always on top, want to visit the world's largest cave in Vietnam? I have famous cities like Bangkok, Shanghai, Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur, and don't forget India's treasures, the Maldivian coasts, and the charming Philippine islands.

In the end, I say: Every continent has an advantage, every destination is unique, and I am against unfair comparisons. I should not compare an apple with a grape, compare Paris with the Maldives, or compare Bangkok with Zeel am see because it is an unfair comparison. The rule says there is a secret in every country and destination, discovered or not. Don't make the debate on these continents confusing. Choose your destination, and go.

This article was originally published in Alittihad News.