Mobile World Congress Shanghai To Be Held Amidst Strict COVID-19 Regulations 


As one of the leading technology cities in the world, Shanghai is hosting the MWC expo on its soil – While China has transformed into a global frontier in technology, MWC Shanghai is to be held this year just like in previous years.

Many tech enthusiasts see Shanghai as a tech haven – Only this time does strict measures to fight off Covid-19 spread and the love for technology this city radiates make it a perfect opportunity to have this exp held.

MWC Shanghai will run this year from 23rd - 25th February – With a much smaller capacity of attendees up to 20,000 people and 200 companies.

The objective of this expo is to leverage technology innovation – And increase the confidence of the industry on a global scope, According to media published reports, GSMA trade association head Sihan Bo added "We believe this congress will help strengthen the confidence of the global industry,"  

Here are some of the innovations that were showcased at the congress:

  • ZTE's Axon 30 smartphone – Featuring the new generation of selfie cameras which is seamlessly integrated underneath the display screen. 

  •  Oppo's 125-watt flash charger – At an extraordinary speed Oppo’s new release is capable of charging in a matter of 20 minutes

  • Huawei's foldable Mate X2 handset – With the latest innovation efforts to showcase a captivating generation of foldable mobile phones 
Many are hoping to see the next MWC to be cast in stone this June in Barcelona but the date is still iffy due to pandemic prevention measures.  

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