Jordanian & Egyptian Technical Joint Committee to Continue Mutual Land Transport


Concluding a two-day meeting between the two delegations in a joint Technical Committee for Land Transport from both countries – An agreement was reached to ensure the continuation of land transport between Jordan and Egypt via Aqaba - Nuweiba until 31/12/2021.

Jordanian delegation was headed by the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Transport, Eng. Wissam Al-Tatmouni. Whereas, Egyptian delegation was headed by the CEO of the Domestic and International Land Transport Authority, Eng. Sayed Metwally.

Both delegations have come upon the agreement which entitles both countries the right to trade goods via Nuweiba port by allowing access to trucks and refrigerators to enter either country’s territory empty or loaded.

During the meetings, both delegations ensured the importance of improving the electronic link between the two countries, to provide an efficient electronic exchange of legal and official documents, plus the necessary customs data to maintain a prompt clearance of goods on either side.

The agreement also emphasized the importance of increasing the communication levels between two countries to better serve the transport sector and keep the flow of goods as seamless as possible.

All the agreements were made taking into consideration the epidemiological situation to ensure truck drivers' health and safety.

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