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Meta has attracted engineers working in Apple, prompting the latter to offer additional bonuses in restricted stock units to some of its outstanding engineers.

Apple Shares The way to Retain Engineers, Due to The Heightened Competition With Meta

Financial, but Long-term Reward

The value of stock rewards ranged from $50,000 to $180,000 and was distributed among the highest performing engineers, with some receiving $80,000 of stock and others receiving $100,000 and $120,000.

The most significant proportion of engineers who received awards came from the silicon design, hardware, software, and operations departments. Bonuses were offered to about 10-20% of the engineers in the respective departments. Also, the rewards are equivalent to the annual stock grant for some engineering directors.

Rare Proactive Incentives

As happens in all companies when some employees receive incentives, and others don't; many other engineers have expressed their displeasure that they received no reward at all and described the selection process as "arbitrary."

Although Apple always offers bonuses to its employees, this step came as a "surprise" for everyone due to its large size and difference.

Apple's standard compensation package includes base salary, stock units, and a cash bonus.

Apple shares closed 0.58% lower at $179.29 with a market value close to $3 trillion. The stock rose 32.9% in one year.

Fierce Competition

It is worth noting that the competition is very fierce between "Apple" and "META," as META has employed about a hundred engineers working in Apple in the past few months and is always trying to attract its exceptional engineering talents in the fields of augmented reality, artificial intelligence, software, and hardware engineering with salary packages and imaginary rewards.

The two tech companies are expected to compete to sell augmented and virtual reality headsets and smartwatches while planning device releases over the next two years.


Although talking about two of the world's tech giants, decision-makers in all companies have to realize the value of the employee as the era of "there are many who play the role of an employee when he quits his job" is over. This may be true! But do you, as an employer, know when the new employee will reach the level of the previous employee? Does he have the same skills?

Employees quitting may sometimes be beneficial, but most often, it has innumerable adverse effects on the organization, especially those related to material losses and productivity rates.

Employees should always be aware of their "market value" and sharpen their skills to be among the top talent most employers are keen to attract.

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