How to Reply to Employer Messages on Job Search Platforms?


While searching for a job on Drjobpro, a message chat pops out with a "Hi. I've checked your CV and wish we could discuss more the X vacancy." After feeling happy, you've to know how to ace your text job interview to seize the opportunity and get hired easily.

Let's have a close look at 4 tricks to help you stand out among the crowd and prove how perfect you're for the position.

Be to the point

In a text-based interview, don't be talkative. Convey your message in a powerful word that can show how powerful an employee. Don't retell your resume. Be creative in selecting the words that reflect your passion, achievements, and how you'll add value to the position and the business. Recruiters today look for talents and skills, not experience, so you've to be talented in conveying your professional level through texting.

Hold your horses

One of the best advantages of the text job interview is that no recruiter is looking at you, waiting for you to answer. It's significant merit for wallflowers. Take your time to understand the question, analyze it, and prepare the perfect organized answer.

Unlike face-to-face & phone interviews, text interviews help you make a great start as the interviewer isn't expecting you to reply immediately.

Your reply should be well-organized, convincing, expressive, and error-free so spending some time composing it before sending it is your best choice to make it easy for the recruiter to hire you.

Use Smart Casual Expressions

Although it's a text-based interview, you shouldn't use casual words like you're talking to your friends or family. Keep it professional. Yet, if the recruiter uses emojis, you can reply using them. Sometimes recruiters use such ways to build a friendly relation with the applicant.

Don't initiate using emojis if the recruiter did. Then, it's a sign that you can use them also. Try to observe the recruiter's language and imitate it. Following the same conversational tone will reflect how flexible you'll be to the company's culture. It's vital to show how professional you're, but being professional somehow will help you get the job.

Ask Questions

The text interview may be an initial step to a direct interview or a phone interview, but this doesn't mean that you should be the only receptor. It's a conversation, so ask questions related to the company culture, strategy (mission, vision, and goals), employment benefits, work hours, and workplace environment. This shows how interested you're in joining the company and getting the job.

Good Luck!