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Resignation Withdrawal Letter- You may submit your resignation letter, and after rethinking, you find that staying at your current company will be better. So, you will need to submit your resignation withdrawal letter.

So, how to write your resignation withdrawal letter professionally, and how can you submit your letter at the right time?

In this blog, Dr.Job will help you through the entire process of withdrawing your resignation and provide tips and a sample resignation letter for deeper comprehension.

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First, What's the Resignation Withdrawal Letter?

When an employee leaves a company, he writes a resignation letter. Sometimes due to unexpected circumstances, he may change his mind and decide to stay at his current job. In this case, he will be obliged to write a resignation withdrawal letter because it is essential to notify the current employer officially that you wish to stay in your current role.

Before Writing Your Resignation Withdrawal Letter, Consider the Following Tips:

Before Writing Your Resignation Withdrawal Letter, Consider the Following Tips
There are some elements you must recognize before writing your resignation withdrawal letter entirely, keep reading for a perfect withdrawal letter!

Have A Look at Your Company's Policy Handbook

Reading the company's policy handbook can be a good start before writing your resignation withdrawal email since it may help you with some guidelines on how to write it.

If it doesn't mention any details related to writing and submitting your resignation withdrawal letter, you can contact your line manager and HR first, then start writing your retraction statement.

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Send It Written

If you proceed, you must write an official withdrawal of your resignation. This should be a formal business letter outlining your proposal to remain at your current job. Keep in mind that it is only a proposal. Be courteous and expect to be rejected.

Know More About Labor Laws

It's not common to withdraw your resignation, but it's entirely accepted.

Know how things go under the labor laws so you can be protected from any wrongful termination if your boss has already decided to let you go.

Discuss Your Decision with Your Line Manager and The HR Specialist

You may find this uncomfortable, but speaking with your manager and HR is the best solution if you want to stay comfortably working with your team.

There's a probability that they have started their recruiting process and already have shortlisted candidates who can replace you.

Communicate Your Requests

You must maintain good communication, much like in exit interviews. Inform your manager and HR that you want to discuss the various points to stay in your current role comfortably.

Also, request a timeframe for receiving a decision regarding your resignation withdrawal decision.

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List Your Reasons

There's a reason behind everything, so list your reasons for reconsidering your resignation.

For example, if you have decided to resign to take care of your children, you must include the solution you found to stay in your position.

This will assist you in writing a convincing resignation withdrawal letter and convince your boss that your cause was genuine and will not reoccur.

Don't Perform Bad

After submitting their resignation letter, many professionals begin to give themselves some leeway. Instead, sustain, if not outweigh, your previous performance scale. This proves that you are always committed to your job.

Get Ready for Any Result

This situation has no expected reply; they may accept or reject your request. So, get ready for any news you will receive and set plan B so you can find other solutions in case the company accepts your resignation letter.

Don't Plead

If the management rejected your request to withdraw your resignation, you should avoid begging the opportunity since it's very unprofessional. Instead, you can suggest getting hired for a new position in a different department or bringing your plan B to the table.

Considerations to Make When Resigning

Considerations to Make When Resigning
After you've completed the preceding steps, consider following this format to ensure you are writing a good resignation withdrawal letter:

Contact Your Manager and Human Resources Specialist

While writing a resignation withdrawal letter, you must address your email to your manager and HR and follow the same format in which you sent your resignation.

If you addressed your resignation email to your manager and copied HR, for example, you must follow the same format in your retraction email and don't forget to mention the date you submitted your resignation letter.

Open with A Statement of Retraction

Like any other professional letter, your resignation withdrawal letter should begin with a statement emphasizing the letter's subject. Remember to include the date of your resignation email to create a chronology.

Like any other formal email, you must open your resignation withdrawal email with a confirmation of the subject, so state clearly that you are withdrawing your resignation and want to continue working for the company.

Ask for A Permission to Continue

Next, ask for approval to keep your job. This acknowledges that the company has the right to accept or reject the resignation withdrawal letter, but if they allow you to stay at the company will benefit them.

Moreover, apologize for the confusion caused and explain that you didn't want to make a hassle, and this will convey that you are sincere and honest.

You can also mention that you eagerly want to work for the company even if they have changed your team.

Mention How You Are an Added Asset to the Company

In your resignation withdrawal letter, quantify your accomplishments to showcase how you add value to your position and how letting you continue working for the organization will help it expand and grow.

Keep It Short and to the Point

Show your writing knack while including all these details within your resignation withdrawal letter so you can highlight your justifications and achievements in a highly professional error-free email.

Don't forget to thank all the email recipients by the end.

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Sample Template

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Sample Template
Still challenging to decide what to include and what not to include.

Find below some resignation withdrawal letter samples where you can modify the details of your situation.

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Sample #1

Your Name

Your Title

Hi,/Dear (Manager's name),

I am writing to withdraw my resignation from my position as of (resignation submission date) (Job title). I no longer wish to resign and would like to request that I remain in my current position.

I realize the inconvenience caused by a resignation letter and apologize profusely. I took that decision initially because I had to care for my children. However, I found a solution and can now stay at the organization as (state your reasons clearly).

If you accept my resignation withdrawal letter, I will always add value to the business (Mention your accomplishments). Furthermore, my current industry knowledge and connections can help the company grow and expand.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused by my confusion; I guarantee I will continue my accomplishments significantly.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my resignation withdrawal request.


(Your Name)

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Sample #2

(Manager & HR)

Job Title,

Subject: Withdrawal of Resignation

Dear (Name),

I am writing this email about my resignation submitted on (___). I realize that the management may have already decided, but after careful thinking, I have decided to stay at my current company with the same responsibilities.

I sincerely request that you accept my resignation withdrawal. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that my resignation caused. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,


(Your Name)

Resignation Withdrawal Letter Due to Salary Increment

Manager Name,

Company Name,

Subject: Resignation Withdrawal Request

Dear (Name),

Regarding my resignation letter dated [date], I would like to withdraw my resignation request since the management has already accepted my salary increment.

The resignation was due to my financial circumstances, but the management has understood the situation and does the needful.

I am wholly grateful for this decision, which encouraged me to take over more responsibilities.

So, I request canceling the resignation request I sent on (Date).

Thank you very much.


(Your Name)

Resignation Withdrawal Letter After Acceptance

Manager Name,

Company Name,

Subject: Resignation withdrawal request.

Dear (Name),

I am writing to withdraw my resignation. I submitted my resignation letter due to unexpected occurrences, but I've realized my wrong decision.

My resignation was already approved due to bad luck, but I want to withdraw it. Please accept my withdrawal and allow me to continue in my current position.

I promise this will not happen again, so please consider my request to stay at my job.

Thank you very much.


(Your Name)

Writing a resignation withdrawal letter isn't rocket science, and this blog will help you successfully keep your position without burning your bridges with the management or the team.

All the best!

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