Frontline Soldiers are in High Demand in UAE Today


As part of its support and appreciation to the healthcare workers, UAE will operate around nine facilities in the UAE and 171 in India in 2021. So, recruiting nurses, doctors, relationship executives, and other medical staff is on the rise.

Aster DM Healthcare, the leading medical facility, has announced that they will hire around 1500 professionals, 500 in the UAE and 1000 across India, during the next year.

Aster hospitals will hire over 300 specialists for hospitals and around 120 for clinics. In India, they will employ about 600 professionals in operations, labs, and retails.

They are looking for nurses, doctors, pharmacists, customer service representatives, insurance executives, and patient relationship specialists.

Medcare hospitals, on the other hand, is going to hire 46 medical professionals.

For general physicians interested in working in Abu Dhabi, they can apply directly at [email protected] to join VPS health.

Similarly, NMC Health is looking for full-time registered, infection control, midwife, and staff nurses for its facilities in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The healthcare sector is also looking for consultants and specialists in endocrinology, obstetrics, gynecology, anesthesia, pediatrics, dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, neurology, and neonatology, ENT, cardiology, emergency medicine, internal medicine, and radiology.

The leading Abu Dhabi-headquartered healthcare service provider is also looking for a Patient Happiness Executive who has experience in the relevant field and a male patient relations officer fluent in Arabic.

On other healthcare service providers' websites, medical specialists can apply for jobs such as laboratory manager, speech and language therapist, audiologist, dietician, CSSD technician, endoscopy technician, laser technician, EEG technician, CSSD aides, podiatrist, and others.

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