DrJobpro Poll: 40% of employees don't want to work on Saturdays


Today people are struggling to maintain a work-life balance, especially after applying a remote work system to curb the spread of Covid-19. It seems that the line between work and life is fast vanishing.

In a poll conducted by DrJobpro on its LinkedIn page asking," Is working on Saturday productive?" the result comes from 3000 respondents as follows: 40% of employees are working for the sake of the job, 37% are not able to think, and only 23% voted that it adds fun to work.

Being productive doesn't only mean working well, but it also means have sufficient mental and physical health that enables you to be more engaged, focused, and creative. 

So, how people spend their typical weekends, and how can they spend more productive weekends?

One-day weekend VS two-day weekend

For anyone without children, this is what the promise of a weekend holds: wake up at noon to play favorite sports, hang up with friends, and still have time to watch your favorite movie. But it is also an opportunity to leave all work headaches behind your back, in every way: get up at noon, just about haul yourself out for a yummy sandwich and spend your day as you want with no online meetings, endless tasks, or disturbing calls.

Post-children, of course, it is all visiting places you don't want to be, such as soft-play centers or parks, but at least you spend quality time with your loved ones which will respectively lessen your stress levels and help you to be more productive, more innovative, and more attentive.

Friday alone can't do this. It is Saturday that means everything: that enables shopping, that boosts relaxation (to get ready for a busy workweek), that offers more time to spend on nothing but maintain good mental health. And, of course, it couldn't help but crack open space for people to say: "Yes, I have turned off my work mode, what about you?"

How to enjoy more productive weekends?

  1. Do different activities than you do during your week
You typically spend most of the workweek working at your desk or in meeting rooms, doing repeated daily activities. So, adjust your weekend activities to things you can do while walking or anything else except sitting. This will boost your productivity and help you turn off everything related to work.

  1. Prioritize your to-do list
How do you feel when you've got a 20-tasks list with only 5 tasks accomplished? Frustrated, right?

Learn how to prioritize your tasks and stick to the impact vs. effort analysis technique, which means measuring the time, effort, and immediate effects of the task before starting.

For example, if you turn on your laptop on Saturday, find 100 emails and wait for you with other additional tasks that may arise after replying, and you've to post an article. Start an immediate impact vs. effort analysis in your head. You may find that replying to 50 emails will take the same effort and time as posting the article, but posting the article will significantly impact your performance and productivity. So, you know now what to start with.

  1. Develop new skills for a new job
If you're expected to use your working time to secure your current position if you're fighting for getting a promotion or some other job, why don't you utilize your weekends to practice the skills you want? Learning a new skill or digging further into a rising field of expertise could just be the leverage you need to reach the desired role.

  1. Declutter your house
Think of all the stuff in your house that you haven't opened in months or years, but you don't want to throw out. Those sneakers that you never wear. This unopened bread-maker you bought two years ago.

All of us have so many things that we don't need. Spend some time getting rid of all unwanted items during your weekend. Decluttering will give you more space to reorganize your house and feel more comfortable.

  1. Do fun activities on Friday night
The blues of Friday night are never enjoyable. Instead of taking the last few precious weekend hours to check through all your dull shopping applications, do something you're looking forward to. You can read a book, run with your friend, meditate, or prepare a nice dinner.

Another suggestion is to take the opportunity to focus on the week that has gone by. Reflection is something you can do regularly, but Fridays are a perfect time to pause and think about what made you happy, what you're proud of, what you've done, and how to make the coming week more productive.

This improves the weekend and maintains you hooked on the pleasure to come. That way, you're going to bed happier and undisturbed by all the things you've got to do next week.

Do you have any tips for more productive weekends? Please share with us in the comments box below.