Bank of Palestine Introduces New Electronic Services to Retain Social Distancing


Bank of Palestine has recently announced the new compilation of electronic services as a contribution to tech sector improvement and preservation of citizens simultaneously amid the current epidemiological situation. 

The newly announced electronic services aim to keep individuals at home and provide them with similar banking services to those received in any of Bank of Palestine’s concrete branches.  

The bank administration has felt the need to be a motivating party and play a leading role in keeping people safe by encouraging them to stay home and use the new electronic services to prevent the spread of the virus, especially after the new variant of the virus has been discovered in Palestine recently. 

Through the electronic service “Banki App” people will be able to enjoy all the banking and financial services they would use on a normal day at any of Bank of Palestine’s branches. 

Additionally, the bank has also taken the initiative to provide more solutions to aid the people of the country during these hard times where it raised the maximum amount on wire transfers to be capped at $10,000 and ATMs with withdrawal and deposit amounts capped at $4,000.  

Working hours of the information desk at the bank have also been extended until midnight to receive clients' calls for any inquiries and assistance. 

The bank has also expanded its banking app’s services to include an automated voice service (IVR), and the banking service especially for non-smartphones (USSD). 

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