Advertising, Fintech, Logistics To Start Hiring Soon: Lewa Abukhait


 How will be the year 2021 for different industries? Which industries will majorly hire and which kind of skills will be employers' first choice? Mr. Lewa Ahukhait, Chief Investment Officer, Daal, and an Industry Expert, shares an inside report on how the year will be with Deepti Kaul.

What are your expectations from 2021? As an investor what industries and what businesses you would want to invest in? The pandemic changed the way the world adopting technology especially in Education, Health, logistics and food sectors. As an investor, I have strong positive vibes toward 2021 as vaccination is already being deployed in a different part of the world and life is getting back to normal (new norm). Most probably I will be looking into investment opportunities in the remote working environment, Logistics Technology, Supply Chain and especially last-mile delivery, Fintech, and Health Tech. 

You are from Palestine and your second home is Saudi Arabia. How has decline in oil prices and pandemic affected the employment? When do you think the economy will be back on the track?

It is not just declining in oil prices and pandemic that led to low employment rate, it is also the global recession that everybody is predicting to continue at least for the first half of 2021. Nonetheless, if history showed us something it is the vast recovery of the global economy after the global crisis. We have seen this in the 90s and 2008. I believe the second half of 2021 will bring higher levels of employment, positive trends in the global economy and signs of favourable economic recovery across the globe.

They said “necessity is the mother of invention,” are there any new businesses that have cropped during the pandemic? I would not say new businesses rather new way of approaching business; lockdowns and social distancing applied new norm in our lives and businesses need to adapt to it. It is no longer a choice for businesses not to rely on technology as the driver for growth and scalability. Applying fintech in your business, enabling remote working, virtual meetings and virtual team management are few examples on the new norm and how it impacted the way we do business. All related solutions and technologies are the one who truly cropped during the pandemic.
Which industries could see sooner and major hiring?

While businesses are trying to reach out for lowering fixed costs and focusing on remote and freelancers, I would assume that the new era in employment would be freelancing and remote workforce behavioural. Accordingly, industries that can easily rely on freelancers and has no major issues in a remote working environment are the industries that will have hire rates in hiring. Those industries would be mainly related to technology, advertising and designing, Fintech, and Logistics.

What kind of skills will be in demand in the new normal?
Self-driven, focus, results-oriented, virtual teams, tasks management and meeting deadlines are for me the skills I will be looking for our new hiring taking into considerations the new normal of workforce.

Pandemic has opened the doors for freelancers. What remote positions do you think will be in demand?

I would assume within the coming few years and when more remote force technologies being introduced to the market more positions will be demanded remotely. Currently, I would say all marketing, customer service, developers, content creators, designers and copywriters are the most remote positions in demand for now.

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