Your Boss Is Younger Than You? Here Are Tips to Get You Through


Having a hard time receiving orders from a boss who is younger than you?

This can be a source of nuisance for middle-aged employees or older when they get the job at their new company and come to encounter a younger boss.

We all know this can’t be a healthy work environment to be in – Hard feelings are not the type of feelings you’ll be looking to infuse with your proactive attitude at the office.

If this is the case, today’s article will help you work your way around that scenario in an easy-to-digest set of tips:

  • Establish a flexible and cooperative approach – Try putting to the side your previous long experience in the industry and start being open to new suggestions and ideas.

  • Demonstrate respect – Respect is a key factor in our daily-basis interactions with individuals, the same thing goes for work, no matter what age difference there is between you and your younger boss, respect should always be there to maintain a professional relationship at work.

  • Learn from others – Look around you and try to adapt to the workflow of your company and how your colleagues in the same department regardless of their age are communicating with their boss.  

  • Be results-oriented – Above all, you’re here to deliver work and add value to the company you started working for. Don’t get so caught up with age comparison and focus on the company’s mission.

  • Be emotionally intelligent – Despite all of the feelings you might have, it’s time to detach them. To be a successful emotionally intelligent leader merely focus on the job and leave emotions behind before they act as an igniting-spark of problems. 
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