Working remotely: How to be productive


Coronavirus has made different changes to the world on several levels. One of them is career and work life. Since the breakout of Covid-19, people around the world have started to work from home. Although it is new to work remotely for most of us, it is manageable. Many employees are not comfortable with this concept; that's why we at DrJobpro is are providing giving you tips and hacks to keep you productive and active during your job.

1- Stick to a morning routine

Having a routine gives your brain signs that you are about to start your work. Moving directly from bed to your chair and office is not the best decision. You have to get your body and mind ready for productivity and creativity. You can wake up early, have a cup of coffee, do some stretches, open the window and have a light, healthy breakfast.

2- Make a to-do list

Having a plan is the best way to encourage yourself to work. When you have your daily missions represented on paper, it boosts your mind to stick to these goals. Once you finish one of them, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. You can use a notebook or even a mobile application for that. There is a variety of ways to make your to-do list.

3- Change your place

Sticking to one place to work from is going to get you bored and tired through time. You can work from a café, a friend's home, or a co-working space as long as it is safe. Keep your mask on, and do not forget social distancing. You can even change your room's decoration, which will give you the feeling of a brand new place.

4- Avoid overworking

Your body and mind have limits. Avoid pushing these limits. Stick to your working hours without any exaggeration. Also, taking a break is a must. You certainly need to rest and refresh your mind from time to time. Good nutrition gives you the ability to be more innovative and feels more comfortable during your work shifts.

5- Always move

You can't sit down on a chair for the whole day or even for an entire hour. Movement helps your blood circulation to be better, which would make you more active. Leave your chair and walk for five minutes every hour. While also sitting down, move your arms and legs, change your sitting position and move your neck. These tips would make a tremendous difference in your comfort levels.

6- Set limits

It would help if you made your own rules for people around you at home. Talk to them gently about how work is so important to you. Tell them that you need a certain amount of focus and that you get distracted by any noise. Having headphones would also help you isolate yourself from any noise around. Listen to your favorite music and have your own space.

If you have any tips for working from home, please let us know in the comments.

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