Working Mothers: 6 Tips For A Career-Family Balance


Being a working mother is challenging work, which is probably not appreciated by others. As you have to take care of your family and be a perfect employee simultaneously, which is impossible. We understand what you go through every day and know that your tasks cause you a lot of pressure. Here are some tips to help you balance your motherhood and career and make you do great in both.

1- Accept imperfections

As long as you try to make everything perfect, you’ll always get disappointed and feel lost. You are already helping society by raising kids and taking care of your family. It should be a different job that you get paid for doing. Try to accept that there’s always a space for mistakes and errors. It’s okay if you aren’t the perfect employee. It’s also acceptable not to do all your duties as a mother perfectly. Be easy on yourself and accept the reality.

2- Don’t listen to the society

Most people think that mothers are guilty of not leaving work and staying home to raise kids. It comes out of depriving women of their rights to have good career lives just like men. You are not guilty of pursuing your career and your dreams. Do not let those who have sexist mindsets take away these rights from you. You are a grown-up woman who knows what to do with her life very well.

3- Talk to your partner

Kids are not the responsibility of the mother only. If you have a partner, talk to them about dividing kids’ responsibilities between both of you. Both parents must participate in raising kids and forming their lives together. That would also make both of you comfortable marriage-wise and would make you more connected.

4- Ask for help

Mothers are amazing, but if we talk realistically, they don’t have actual superpowers. You could be a great mother but ask for others’ help at the same time. Look for childcare providers from your family and friends. You could also hire a trusted babysitter to take care of your kids. Having someone else help you looking after your kids doesn’t make you a bad mom at all.

5- Create boundaries for work

Work is important, but life is full of other enjoyable stuff. Do not let work control your whole life. Make certain hours for work, and the rest should be either for you or your family. Please speak to your managers and tell them about the responsibilities you have at home. Also, it’s okay not to work extra hours or be there at urgent times. Your life conditions are different from the others, and these are your rights.

6- Create “me time.”

All of these responsibilities could be very overwhelming for you. Try to take a break and create time for yourself. Take a hot bath while listening to music. Read a book that you love. Go for a daily walk. You could also spend quality time with your family, helping you be in a better mental state. A family movie night would also be an excellent idea for you all.

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