Which Type of DIY Work Can Generate Income?


Looking at our current lifestyle due to Covid-19, people have been facing a variety of turbulences regarding their workspace and incomes.

Either they are getting laid off or compromising a big part of their career and working online instead which doesn’t pay as well. It is a smart way to look for other ways to generate income other than your main job. Here are some of these examples:

  • Renting equipment – It is a smart way to buy equipment whether they were hardware, industrial, or even film-related, and start renting them out to enthusiast freelancers or independent groups that are interested.

  • Home cooking – There are a big number of expats that struggle with food daily. Junk food can easily turn into something they want to get away from. Offering your cooking skills and getting paid for preparing homemade healthy meals can do you good.

  • Selling your art – It is a great way for passing the time plus making good money. You can build your business by simply creating your art pieces whether they were pottery, paintings, artistic mobile cases, handbag accessories, or even car accessories that are special and catchy, and sharing them on social media with the right hashtags and good marketing skills.

  • House car garage – In case you have great knowledge of cars or a specific type of car, it is a profitable idea to turn your backyard or your parking garage into a car garage, fixing cars, and/or working on antique vehicles and selling their parts.
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