UAE Invites the World to Experience Its Winter


Unified tourism identity, the national campaign has been launched

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai launched a UAE Strategy for Domestic Tourism on Saturday.

It aims to develop a comprehensive scheme to regulate the local tourism sector in collaboration with the relevant local and federal entities.

As part of the UAE Nation Brand, he revealed a new unified tourism identity to establish the country's status as an "ideal tourist destination locally and globally and share its inspiring story with the world."

Under this strategy, Sheikh Mohammed launched the first federal domestic tourism campaign titled 'World's Coolest Winter' to invite the public to explore the seven emirates' hidden gems.

The UAE Vice-President said, "everything is beautiful in winter."

"However, the UAE's Winter is the most beautiful in the world. The UAE has the most beautiful Winter, the most beautiful people, and the most beautiful services," he said, inviting everyone to travel to the UAE and "explore the spirit of the country."
He said the UAE "hosts an exceptional winter and offers the best services tourists can utilize inside and outside the country."

"Winter brings great moments and experiences. Like everything else in the UAE, we aim to make every Winter the best in the world."

The 45-day campaign - overseen by the Ministry of Economy in collaboration with local tourism entities and supported by the UAE Government Media Office - aims to highlight the significant landmarks and attractions that distinguish every emirate and contribute to promoting the UAE as a single destination.

Sheikh Mohammed said promoting the UAE as a single tourist destination with diverse attractions and experiences boosts its tourism sector as an integral part of the national economy.

UAE Tourism opens the doors for many opportunities

The UAE's domestic tourism sector contributed Dh41.2 billion ($11.2 billion) to the national economy in 2019. It constitutes 23 percent of the total tourism sector revenue.
"With a solid federal collaboration, we can double the contributions of the domestic market and create new opportunities for the small business industries across the country," Sheikh Mohammed said.

He stressed that "working as one team" in the tourism sector will bring long-term benefits to every part of the UAE and "boost our status globally as a single destination that offers rich and diverse experiences."

Sheikh Mohammed said: "Each of the seven emirates features rich tourist experiences, massive resources, and cultural, archaeological, and architectural treasures. We aim to unify our efforts to maximize returns.

"We invite the private sector to take this campaign as an opportunity to strengthen partnerships with the government to bring greater value and accelerate the country's economic recovery."

Sheikh Mohammed invited citizens and residents of different age groups, interests, and backgrounds to rediscover the UAE's landmarks, reconnect with nature, and share their social media platforms experiences.

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