Top 4 Tips For Successful Job Searching During Covid-19


When businesses switch to remote jobs to tackle the coronavirus pandemic, and a growing number of employees are being terminated or quit, the first question that rings in mind can continue you to submit resumes or expect that nobody is recruiting this period. Analysts indeed expect a slowdown, but employment experts suggest it's wise to keep connecting and applying for jobs, as long as you adapt your mindset and understand that these are unstable circumstances in the job market.

So, these top 4 tips for successful job searching during Covid-19 will help you manage the applying and hiring processes during the pandemic and the resulted economic recession.

Grow Your Network

"It's not what you know but who you know" is the bare truth in workplaces nowadays. Undoubtedly, academic qualifications are a must, but your key connections give you a privilege, which builds a successful network.

Many people have more free time during these turbulent days, so now is a perfect time to reach out to your connections, talk, and meet up. Too many of us fail to find time to build this kind of relationship in our daily lives, so they lose many personal and professional growth opportunities.

By retaining frequent and intimate touch with your network– former bosses, partners, or other industry associates – you are much more likely to learn about potential openings in their companies before they are even announced, granting you a strategic advantage. Utilize the edges of your LinkedIn profile.

Furthermore, if you have a significant link with the person, notably if you've collaborated with or worked well with them in the past, they're more likely to give you an extra value for your job.

Go for Your Career Development

Whether you're currently employed or searching for a job, take advantage of the dozens of free online courses on many global platforms to hone your skills, and learn new things. Having more certifications in your resume will demonstrate your commitment to your cv and during your next interview. It will also show your adaptability skills in every situation.

 Clean Up Your Online Accounts

87% of Recruiters check your social media profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram before the interview to know more about your personality and check if you'll match the work culture they're hiring for. So, it's essential to build a robust online presence that meets your dream company's culture's needs. This will help you to get noticed by recruiters without applying directly to the position.

Use Keywords to Convince the ATS

Include keywords used in the job listing and any related terms in your resume and cover letter. For instance, if you are applying for a position as a "content writer," you should mention your job title as "content writer" as well as associated words like "creative writing" and "copywriting." Yet, never replace the job title in the job listing with other job titles. Also, try to avoid using a different tense or phrase. For example, if you wrote" managed content team" and the recruiter is searching for" content manager," the robot might reject your resume, even though it's the same job with equal responsibility.

So whether you're searching for your next career sooner rather than later, or just dreaming for the future, these four job hunting tips are a perfect starting point to give you some inspiration and suggestions about what to concentrate on right now.

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Don't let Covid-19 stand in the way of your job search and make your next dream job come true.

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