How to Write an Email for Rescheduling an Interview (with Template)


How to Write an Email for Rescheduling an Interview - Rescheduling an interview is frequently the result of an unforeseen and unavoidable scenario that arises during a crucial interview. You still want to show up and give your best effort without giving the employer a wrong impression.

Both the candidate and the recruiter can reschedule an interview. There should, however, be clear procedures for rescheduling the interview through email.

You must act so that you don't endanger your relationship with the hiring manager or a candidate and close the door to other opportunities. Here are a few examples of composing an email to schedule a job interview.

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What is an email for rescheduling an interview?

A rescheduling interview email is one in which the interviewee requests a change to the scheduled interview date and time. It's polite to offer the recruiting manager as much advance notice as possible so they can make plans for your absence, add you to their calendar for a different time, and avoid more scheduling problems.

An applicant or hiring manager may need to postpone an interview for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Emergencies
  • Unexpected scheduling issue
  • vehicle issues
  • Illness
  • absence of a critical individual for the hiring process

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How to Write an Email for Rescheduling an Interview?

Most companies are aware that unforeseen events occasionally prevent you from attending an agreed-upon interview, but it's essential to maintain professionalism and let the interviewer know if this happens. If you need to reschedule your interview, take the following actions:

1- Attempt to postpone as little as possible

Make every effort to arrive at the planned interview time. A job interview is vital, and being able to arrive at the scheduled time and date demonstrates professionalism and dedication to the role. However, it could happen that rescheduling an interview is inevitable in several circumstances. Make sure you've tried all other possibilities before asking to reschedule with the recruiting manager or a human resources specialist.

2- Notify promptly

Being transparent with the reader regarding the timing is essential when rescheduling a job interview. Setting up a consultation and blocking time for the interested party requires much time and effort. Both the recruiter and the candidates need it. Therefore, it is always best to be considerate of their time by giving prompt notice if you need to postpone your interview. Thanks to your warning, they will be free to prepare for the following suitable date and time.

3- Cite motives

When you write a request to postpone an interview, include a thorough explanation of the situation. Make sure your justification is sincere and well-articulated. That will raise the likelihood of rescheduling and good acceptance of the plan alteration. Additionally, you should thank the recruiter for their understanding and apologize for missing the scheduled interview.

4- Offer a different time

This information and other pertinent information should be included in your email. Give at least two times for scheduling your interview in your polite request. Before communicating your availability, try to find out if they are available. Try to be as accommodating and considerate of your schedule as possible without being overbearing. Maintaining professionalism will not prevent more interviews in the future.

5- Ensure they receive the message

While emailing the recruiting manager to let them know you need to reschedule your interview is okay, you must also ensure they get the message. Your interviewer might have a full inbox, be unable to check messages for a while, or your email might get lost in the shuffle, depending on your day.

Allow a few hours to elapse after giving sufficient notice before making a follow-up phone contact. However, if you need to reschedule at the last minute, consider contacting the hiring manager as soon as an hour or two before your scheduled interview. It's not worth taking a chance that the hiring manager or recruiter won't read your email before the expected interview time.

How to Write an Email for Rescheduling Interview – Template

If you need to reschedule your confirmed interview with an employer, use the following email template:

Greetings, [interviewer name],

Because I won't be able to make the interview we booked for [exact date and hour of scheduled interview], I'm contacting you instead. My sincere apologies if this has caused any trouble; I look forward to meeting with you to discuss the role and qualifications.

I need to reschedule my interview for [reasons], but I'd like to be put on your calendar for another day and time that works for you. Would the following [list of a few dates and times] work with your schedule? If not, I would be happy to accommodate another day and time that would be more convenient for you and your schedule.

We need to reschedule our interview as soon as possible because I'm excited to talk to you further. I appreciate your understanding in advance.


(Your name)

How to an Email for Rescheduling an Interview – Conclusion,

Don't let emergencies stop you from achieving your dream job. Reading that article allows you to reschedule an interview smoothly without any issues. Best of Luck!

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