Tips To Make More Sales By Outstanding Customer Service


In a world of fast-paced day-to-day business deals and new sales techniques emerging, it's vital to your business to stay updated with the latest customer service practices and strategies to generate sales.

Technology and its ever-changing applications have given the green light for fierce competition between businesses to set a certain pace of sales made and revenue generated by companies.

Today's article mentions the most effective techniques to secure a sale when serving your customers (Whether they are just inquiring, in need of further human assistance, or even to complain about a particular experience of theirs):

  1. Improvise and don’t go by the book

    As mentioned above in the article, today's world is a fast-paced technological environment, a lot of the genuine interaction between customers and employees has ceased to exist.

    That's why you'll have to contribute to a constructive conversation with customers, rather than sticking to the ready-made words to say and improvise so that customers feel they're getting attention rather than a message or talking to a bot.

  2. Address customers by name

    It's a good practice to address the customer in need of your assistance by their name, this will establish a friendly gesture and allow customers to feel they are valuable to your company and encourage them to attempt a purchase post your conversation with them.

  3. Use the phenomenon FOMO

    One of the most effective ways to turn uncertain visitors into paying loyal customers is to present to them what they will be losing if they don't make a purchase.

    This could be leveraged in a way to demonstrate the amazing and unique value your product or service provides to your customers, and how they will be missing out on such an offer.

    The best example of this, if there is a running offer or promotion on a particular service that has a seasonal cycle structure, telling the customer about the great features they’ll be enjoying for a less price and how that can help them in solving their pain points, yet if they don’t tend to make use of this offer, the service will be jumping back up to its original price soon.

  4. Introduce customers to the referral program

    If you happen to be working at a company where it sells high tech services, chances are that there is a referral program present in the company’s marketing plan, you’ll have a better opportunity to secure the uncertain customer as a loyal recurring customer if you inform them about the referral program and guide them through how it functions exactly.

    People referring each other to a service

    Effectively enlightening the customer about your company’s referral program will not only do your company’s profit margin good, but will acquire you more customers, and if you have a great referral and irresistible referral program at your organization then that number of recurring customers will increase exponentially.

  5. Know the market and how to run a product showdown

    In cases where your customers are contacting you because they want to know more about a certain product or service, it is vital for you as a front contact point, to point them in the right direction.

    Let’s say you work in the customer service department of a battery manufacturing company and you do wholesales, a customer reaches out to you on either platform or way of contact, whether it’s social media, company’s chat head, or even via land-line telephone, and is stuck in a rut as to which company’s batteries should he be purchasing to fill his store shelves. Here your knowledge and intuitive understanding of your customer needs will be a score.

    Understanding your top competitor’s product can turn things around and secure the customer to your side. Demonstrate how you offer a better product than that of your competitors by numbers, data, and reviews. Because these pieces of evidence are a no-brainer to earn your new undergarment customer’s trust on the spot.

  6. Give your customer a space to breathe and decide

    It’s been mostly you throughout the conversation who’s giving advice, capturing your correspondent's attention, and doing most of the talking.

    It’s vital to know once the information you’ve been giving to your customer throughout the whole time, whether it was 20 minutes or an hour-long conversation has sunk in, to give them time to think and some space to breathe for them to make a choice.

    This will ultimately make them feel like they are contributing to this whole thing and are part of the company’s identity rather than just buying something for what it is and throwing away the lid or the wrapping.

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