Tips To Help You Shake Off Feeling Tired at Work


We’ve all had these moments where we feel knackered at work and we can’t wait to get home to take a shower and have a nice meal.

It doesn’t have to be that ending of the same scenario each time – In fact, I’m sharing with you the simplest tips to take action upon and say goodbye to the tiresome you might feel during work.

Here are tips that can come in handy when having a hard time composing yourself during a busy day at work:

  1. Drink lots of water - Yes drinking water will keep you hydrated as you know, and better than that will keep your skin and eyes from drying out.

  2. Take a walk before you get to your office - You can utilize this tip in a very simple manner – If you drive try parking your car in a different place about 10-15 minutes away from your work to give yourself a good reason and motivation to walk.

  3. Make sure to sleep well - Attempting to sleep less than 6-7 hours at night before going the next day to work is very deteriorating for your health and sanity, make sure to have enough sleep in a dark room.

  4. Pack healthy snacks for your shift - Having a healthy snack is something that you should consider, besides providing you with the sufficient amount of energy you might need to shake off the tiredness, the movement of your jaws will keep you awake.

  5. Maintain a bright workspace - Just like daylight makes your brain send out nerve signals to the rest of the body to stay awake and active because it’s daytime – The same thing applies to your office or workspace.

    Make sure to keep everything around you bright with soft colors on the eye instead of going for dark colors. 
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