These 40 Tips Will Make Ramadan A Lot Easier for Freelancers|


The holy month of Ramadan just started a few days ago … that time of year when you feel like you want to be a kid again; No work, no tasks, no responsibilities, just endless hours of relaxation with your family and friends.

But, when we come to the truth of the matter, work in Ramadan is challenging to accomplish, as abstaining from food and drink throughout the day reduces your productivity and loses you the ability to focus as you do on regular days.

So, how do you make the most of Ramadan to make more money while you're independent?

Here are 40 tips that will make Ramadan easier for freelancers:

Here are 40 tips that will make Ramadan easier for freelancers
  1. Set a realistic work schedule and re-read it every day, so you don't get out of context.
  2. Inform your clients of your schedule change.
  3. Prayer times schedule. Before starting work each day, review your schedule to determine how much time you have between the five daily prayers to get your work done.
  4. Manage all your work before Ramadan, especially in an Islamic country, to find someone who cooperates with you to accomplish it.
  5. Work less than usual in the first part of Ramadan. Since many family gatherings and celebrations mark the first few weeks of Ramadan, try not to put too much pressure on yourself to meet deadlines or complete big projects at this time.
  6. Try to complete large projects before Ramadan to avoid work pressures when productivity is low.
  7. Plan meetings in the morning or evening.
  8. Define ways to keep track of your work completion and identify what each task is missing.
  9. Set times to answer calls and emails during Ramadan because you may be busy eating or praying during these hours.
  10. Write down all the tasks you accomplish.
  11. Work on every task without getting distracted.
  12. Think back to the previous days and see which tasks need more attention or work.
  13. Rationalize your presence on social media. Social media apps can be distracting, so set aside specific times throughout the day, turn off notifications for those sites, and focus on work.
  14. Use Iftar as a time of rest instead of work.
  15. Take advantage of the free time after Iftar.
  16. After Iftar, take a short nap, get up, and get on with your work. It is not healthy to sleep for a long time after eating.
  17. Delegate your work when you can't do it yourself.
  18. Reduce the number of meetings you hold during Ramadan.
  19. Create a work schedule that matches your productive hours.
  20. Take advantage of digital tools and write emails in the morning.
  21. Clean your desk to increase focus and productivity.
  22. Wear comfortable clothes.
  23. Avoid caffeine and sugary drinks (especially after Iftar).
  24. Use project management apps to manage your work and time
  25. If you work for a company or with other freelancers, communicate with them about how you will work during Ramadan.
  26. Try to get all the big tasks done when productivity levels are high in the morning.
  27. Accept the idea of ​​varying levels of productivity during the month of Ramadan.
  28. Schedule family visits and avoid working when the house is crowded with guests.
  29. Always be prepared for unexpected situations
  30. Make sure you sleep enough to function well throughout the day.
  31. Make time for physical activities every day. It is essential for both your body and mind.
  32. Be proactive about scheduling supportive activities, such as daily prayer and Quran reading, into your day.
  33. Find a comfortable place to work while fasting
  34. If you get stuck with an idea, try to get out or take 10 deep breaths. This will help you calm down and focus on what you're working on instead of thinking about all you need to get done.
  35. Schedule your urgent tasks at the beginning of the day
  36. Don't work when you are tired or frustrated with hunger; This is counterproductive.
  37. Go out and have fun (don't overwork); Ramadan is not just about work but also an entirely spiritual experience.
  38. Don't take on more projects than you can afford in Ramadan.
  39. Avoid working in hot places, so you don't feel exhausted
  40. Avoid coffee and energy drinks, and more than water.
It's hard to keep track of everything, especiFcally when you're already in the thick of Ramadan. So, take advantage of the forty tips mentioned above, and enjoy a more straightforward job as a freelancer this Ramadan.