The Continuation of One Million Jordanian Coders Initiative Under The Sponsorship Of The Crown Prince


Based on the website of the Crown Prince Foundation: The "One Million Jordanian Coders" initiative, which aims to train one million young Jordanians in programming and its technologies through free online training courses, and the granting of accredited international certificates that qualify them to enter the labor market in this field, continues.

The Crown Prince Foundation implements the "One Million Jordanian Coders" initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship and cooperation with the Ministry of Cabinet Affairs and the Future in the United Arab Emirates.

This initiative contributes significantly to providing free training for young people in cooperation with the best international companies, in the language of the times, to become qualified to keep pace with developments, take an advanced position in many sectors, make decisions in their professional future enhance economic opportunities.

The initiative creates electronic forums for those interested in programming sciences, which provides a knowledge community that includes students, teachers, and experts to exchange knowledge and information and develop skills. Globally accredited.

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