The 5 Best Free Job Posting Sites for 2021


How can I find the best free job posting site? This is the most repeated question among employers, recruiters, and all hiring professionals, especially with thousands of job boards that are live nowadays.

They are swaying among general portals, niche job portals, freelance boards, and more. It becomes difficult for them to find the best platform to post their job openings, especially after the latest economic recession when almost all businesses aim to post jobs for FREEE to save their budgets.

No.1 rule for posting on Free job posting boards is to select a user-friendly platform that enables you to easily post your vacancy without jumping from one step to another and enables the job seeker to apply without too many applying processes easily.

To use this kind of free job posting websites like a pro, you can use to estimate the web site's traffic to know how many job seekers your ad will reach. Moreover, while posting a vacancy on a free job posting board, Google the title of your open position and check the top ranking sites in search. This will help you to reach your target candidate better.

Don't exert too much effort searching for the best. Find below our picks of the best free job posting sites in 2020.


Indeed is one of the top job portals, especially in the gulf and middle east. It allows employers to post their available vacancies in minutes. It also helps the job seeker register and create his resume for one time and then apply for thousands of vacancies. This board has around 200 million visitors/month, and 60% of its users use mobile to browse the website. It automatically optimizes your job ad for mobile view. You can easily receive applications and access them from desktop or mobile devices.


Bayt has the Middle East's largest database of job seekers that employers can access easily for free. The platform adopts technologies that can automatically receive, filter, and shortlist applicants according to the employer's preference. According to Bayt, over 40,000 companies trust the website and build leading teams through it. It reaches over 10,328,000 monthly visitors, and it ranks applicants by relevance.


Glassdoor offers easy options to post jobs, single or interchangeable. It enables employers to build teams quickly with its free trial as they are allowed to post up to 10 job vacancies for free in 7 days. According to the platform, they have around 30 million users, and 89% actively look for a job.


If you are looking for freelancers or remote employees, Flexjobs can do it all for you. It is a specialized platform dedicated to professionals looking for flexible work options like part-time jobs and freelancing opportunities. If the employer is looking for a flexible candidate, this will be one of the best options for him as he will enjoy free services, including unlimited job postings and candidate sourcing as well as hiring professionals who have the flexibility of working beyond the time and location restrictions.


Drjob does it all for you. It's the best platform where you can find full-time, part-time, or freelance applicants. The platform offers 360-degree job posting services, including simple Hiring with an Applicant Tracking System, 50+ search filtration criteria, applicants ranked with searchable CV tags, candidate evaluation through a video interview, Employer branding on all social media platforms as well as AI-powered Recruitment Solutions. All Employers' problems have FREE solutions on Drjob.