The 15 Best Ways To Love Your Job


Finding your dream job is a dream itself. Do you think that finding a job with a high salary, flexible schedule, monthly bonus, productive environment where you can learn new skills is easy? Frankly, this only happens in our subconscious when we imagine our career life. However, your job is not as bad as you see it, and you can easily turn your job to be the ideal choice.

No doubt, while reading this now, you're frustrated at work due to: bad coworkers, low income, long working hours, lack of appreciation, little fulfillment, etc. You're not alone. Let's have a closer look at the 15 best ways to love your job.

Think Positive

Try to concentrate on all the positive aspects of your job. You may have a high salary, enabling you to buy a big house, a luxury car, or travel opportunities. If you don't do all these things, you may have a chance to help others who don't have enough money to meet their needs. Additionally, may your job allow you to leave an impact on others' life. The list is endless. Having a job itself is a blessing.  It's art! You should be satisfied with what you have to be happy with.

Make Immediate Improvements

List all things that you don't like about your job. This list will include opposing sides like gossiping, noisy coworkers, workload, etc. then, try to find ways to solve all these problems. If you can't do it alone, don't be shy to seek help from your supervisor, experienced coworkers, or even watch an online tutorial. Change anything: a table, a computer, a chair, or any other thing you don't like. You'll feel better, and this will help in being more relaxed in your job.

Expand Your Network

Build more relationships inside and outside your workplace. At work, find one or two colleagues to be your friends who share break with, and you can talk with them whenever there is a problem. This kind of relationship can give you support. Outside work, attend meetups, conferences, and business networking events to get in touch with people who have the same field of expertise so you can learn new things, develop more skills, and you may get a better opportunity through these events.

Learn How To Stay Focused

Imagine how much time you'll save if you stop checking your mobile phone notifications every 5 minutes? And when you stop browsing the internet and side talking with your colleagues?

So, focus on the task at hand by setting a flexible schedule with high priority and low priority tasks. Learn how to self-motivate yourself by achieving more tasks during the day and utilize your free time to work on extra projects. This shows how you're productive and take initiatives.

Saying " No" is Ok.

Don't be scared to say "No" if you find that you have too many tasks. This will not show that you're not productive. If you say "No," you give a chance to your manager to reschedule tasks, set ways to achieve more work, assign minor tasks to other colleagues, and maybe he asks to hire another less experienced employee to handle these kinds of tasks.

Take A Rest

When saying "Rest," we don't mean sleeping well. A real rest when you change scenes, have fun, meet new people, and switch off all your daily routine. You'll not build a successful career with no rest because you don't have inspiration for more creativity, and you don't have enough positive feelings to recharge your power to go on your working days.

Your Job Serve the Community

Volunteering plays a vital role in helping you love your job. Helping others through your job gets you out of your own thoughts and let you focus on the positive things in your life. Find a way to serve society and have influence. Volunteering will help you to gain perspective on other people's needs. It's an effective way to get rid of all the negative vibes.

Have Regular Break

Regularly, move away from your desk to take a break from your laptop screen, emails, tasks, and endless work stress. Also, don't work in your lunch breaks. These breaks are not only for eating but also for your mental break.

Set Goals

With no goals, there's no success. Success is the fuel for self- satisfaction. So, you'll not be able to love your job without setting a goal. Ask for your manager to help with setting short-term and long-term goals as a vital way of motivation. So, achieving more goals means that you'll get more promotions, salary increments, and gain more experience that might help start your own business.

Utilize Your Job Benefits

Some companies offer benefits including a budget to travel on the weekend, a technical budget to buy a new computer, free gym memberships for its employees. Don't lose this chance to change your mood. Treat Yourself for Free!

Write A Morning "Gratitude List"

Practicing gratitude make your job easier and make you feel more optimistic. Make a list of all the things that you're grateful for. This list could include things like enjoying the sun rays while commuting to work, your morning coffee. If you can't find reasons relevant to work, see why having a job is good; it is a monthly income source, develops your skills, widens your network, etc.

Spread Good Vibes In Workspace

Consider making over your desk: get rid of old stuff, hang an inspirational quote or any pictures of a landscape or a person you like, buy a new notebook or pen that makes you happy, buy a set of headphones so you can listen to your favorite music, or put a beautiful flower. You would feel comfortable about going to work every day by spreading positive vibes around yourself in the workplace. Don't leave a space for boredom.

Declutter Your Desk

If people are low on energy, sometimes that's because they don't clean out when they go. Filled is their trash box. A nightmare is their desk. They get their paper drawers stuffed.

Refreshing and motivating is decluttering. Career coach Beverly Jones says: "You say, 'This is important, this is not.' It's a practical way to indulge in making decisions about your life and what you want to do about it." She continues that getting rid of things gives a different outlook.

Focus On What You're Now

Now, you've developed more skills, gained more knowledge, and can handle many tasks, deal with tough bosses, and have a high level of creativity.

We could say that, in any job, you can learn new things even if it's not your dream one. Your newly gained skills could help you get promotions to a better position, and it will help you get a better job, and that's actually what you are looking for!

Always Laugh

A recent poll showed that people more interested in their careers when they smile and laugh at work. And the more involved you are, the happier and more passionate you are going to be. This will not only help in raising the standard of your work but also it will help you to be a charismatic person who has more friends. Now: can't you laugh more?

You've to Love What You Do Until You Do What You Love!

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