Still Unemployed in the UAE? Here's Why!


When we talk about the UAE job market, we are talking about a "HUGE" market with the world's lowest unemployment rates.

It is said to be growing due to the upcoming mega-events like Expo 2020. The job market in the UAE is characterized by diversity and high quality. These characteristics lead to a highly competitive market for job seekers.

Do you face difficulty while looking for a job in the UAE? Have you applied for many jobs but not getting a reply? Are you sending your CV everywhere but receiving no interview invitations?

There are some main reasons for your unemployment in the UAE.

Reason#1- Sending job applications randomly

Job seekers have a conventional view that the more job applications they submit, the more interview invitations they will receive. This notion is false. Quantity preferences will never offer you positive outcomes in return. You have to choose quality over quantities instead of randomly searching for and applying for job openings. It's profitable to invest time and effort in finding positions that meet your qualifications, knowledge, and experience.

The perfect strategy for searching for a job in the UAE is to search for positions related to your abilities, experience, and skills. Other factors, such as a corporation, work position, skillset, and location, should also be considered during job hunting. By filtering your needs, you'll exert less effort and achieve more results. You should focus only on the relevant jobs and try to reach recruiters in your target companies.  Set your goals, optimize your career search, and get the results you desire.

Reason #2- Job seekers don't tailor their resumes

 The "all-purpose" resume will not work. A typical resume cannot meet the requirements of all hiring managers. To make yourself a perfect match for what the recruiter is looking for in an applicant, you should know how to optimize your resume. Follow a simple step to achieve this. Look for keywords in the job listing shared by the company and add them to the resume. As most hiring managers depend on the ATS to select qualified job applicants, this will help.

Reason #3- Job seekers don't research companies

You have to master the art of the job interview effectively to get a job. This is only achievable if you've adequately prepared for the interview. Not having some background about the company you're applying to get a job in is one of the greatest mistakes that could cost you a career chance. Information about the company's industry, services, and products, mission, and vision show that you've done your task of preparing for the interview well, and you're really eager to get the job.

Moreover, you will be able to insert right and insightful answers into your different responses during the interview, which will only help you get more attention from recruiters and shine. To review the company's official website and social media platforms carefully to draw a bigger image before attending the interview.

Reason #4- Job seekers don't build networks

It's essential to apply to online work, but it's not enough. It is equally important to create a stable career network. Not speaking with someone about your job hunting leaves you one step behind your new career. Connect with more people, both online and offline, to create a more extensive professional network. Look and join online communities to interact with professionals in the sector where you seek a career. You never know who will refer you to the next opportunity.

The more you widen your professional network, the more job opportunities you'll find.

Reason #5 Job seekers don't follow up with the recruiters

Make it a task after every interview to follow up with the hiring manager. It's the best way to show him that you want to join his company. It also gives you the chance to show your professionalism by writing a 'thank you' message.' Usually, hiring managers to postpone replying to you due to thousands of work applications, but follow-up helps remind the recruiter about you. It gives you an advantage over other candidates. Following up plays an essential role in getting the job.

Reason #6- Job seekers don't learn from their mistakes

Having a job in the UAE requires you to make consistent efforts. It is also likely that you will have to face refusals on your work search trip. Complaining about your previous mistakes instead of learning from them and going on is one of the faults you should eliminate at any expense. In life, we all face inevitable rejections. However, when you are applying for a career, it is crucial for you as a job seeker to deal with it correctly to not affect your readiness for your career success.

Pay attention to the challenges (faults) that keep you unemployed. Fixing them will help you steer your steps in the right direction. Now you know that you need to improve to keep going forward and get your dream opportunity in the UAE.

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