Social Media Management Tools: Top 31 Tools Experts Use in 2021|


Professionals, especially beginners, have a major baffling concern in today's highly competitive social media marketing field: finding the best tools to create high engagement rates, maximize conversions, and help their employers build a solid online brand.

Although these tools are abundant, selecting the right ones that meet each business goal is not easy. Yet, don't worry!

We come today to present 31 great tools to help you master social media marketing.

Best Social Media Management Tools

Best Lead Generation Tools

Best Lead Generation Tools


OptinMonster is a comprehensive platform where you can create landing pages, pop-ups, and more to ensure engaging your visitors and avoid the fact that 70% to 95% of your website visitors leave at the last moment. This tool helps maintain a robust email marketing database and keep users engaged so that they will not be "basket quitters."

This software's basic package costs at a low $108 annually contain tools such as fullscreen pop-up ads, item categorization, page-level targeting, easy analytics, user identification, and much more. You can upgrade to the +, Professional, or Growth plans to acquire more benefits depending on the company's needs.


Aeroleads help social media marketers reach out to business owners' company names, email addresses, and phone numbers. It also shows the company industry, location, and more.

The website offers different packages that fit every business's needs. If you're a small business, go for the "take-off" plan, which costs $94/month. For larger companies, there are also the "Climb," "Cruise," and "Enterprise" plans.

Best Buyer Persona Creation tools

Best Buyer Persona Creation tools


When it comes to mastering social media, defining the target audience is a significant factor before creating an effective strategy, and no tool is better than Synthesio to achieve this.

The tool analyzes and categorizes your target audience's behavior to create content that delivers the message effectively to every group.

Synthesio Dashboard for social media monitoring and Synthesio Beam for social media command centers are also available. There's an option to try it before taking a final decision to buy it.


Socialbakers includes software that allows marketers to make data-driven decisions from their audience. It gives an option to compare and contrast results with other competitors, and this comparison helps optimize the content to drive more sales.

This tool plays a significant role in running paid ads as it helps define the buyer persona and maintain the current customers.

A monthly subscription of $190 offers ten profiles, and an upgraded subscription of $380 provides 20 profiles. They also have consultants who can guide you on which plan you can select and optimize your strategy.

Best Analytics Tools

Best Analytics Tools


Agorapulse is a simple social marketing application that provides simple scheduling and statistics. Besides, you can analyze your results to assess your achievement, and easy Advocacy and AdsReport are 2 other vital tools.

Small firms can pay $89 per month, while big enterprises can pay $459 per month. You can try it out for free and see how it works for you.


It's crucial to be aware when you're mentioned on social media. BrandMentions provides you with this helpful tool.

This application will notify you in real-time if you are referenced on social media or if your website receives a fresh backlink.

 It provides you with all of the vital information to exert brand recognition efforts effectively.

BrandMentions offers a free 14-day trial that individuals can use. Startups can enjoy the benefits of the tool for $49 per month, while large companies or marketing agencies can enjoy it for $299 per month.

Best Content Creation Tools

Best Content Creation Tools


Marketers frequently should be aware of trendy news and thought leaders. BuzzSumo can assist you in determining which types of content produce results. All you have to do now is find a related subject or website.

With BuzzSumo's support, you'll be able to gain a comprehensive picture of the impact of digital networking on your marketing initiatives and start planning. This will help you to see which topics received the most attention.

Furthermore, BuzzSumo dissects the data received from Google, Facebook, Pinterest, and Reddit interactions. It also helps you see effective content from around the web without checking social media sites.

BuzzSumo offers a tailorable plan for $99% or an Enterprise plan for $499%. NGOs and academic institutions enjoy a discount of up to 40%.

Google Trends

Google Trends allows you to keep up with trends in your region as well as around the globe. Additionally, it displays the overall past of keyword usage and how it has varied over time.

This tool helps determine the search volume of any word, keeping track of search behavior in different locations, defining FAQs, comparing different keywords, exporting reports, searching by images, products, or videos options. It's FREE.


Ahrefs is a comprehensive platform that can take your digital marketing skills to the next level. It has practical SEO-friendly features to optimize your content.

The tool helps analyze high-ranking pages, links building, performance, and it has a keyword finder feature to improve your position. You can try it for 7$ for the first 7 days and 99$/month after that.

Best Design & Video Creation Tools

Best Design & Video Creation Tools


Canva is the ultimate platform for you if you want to create your designs individually. It enables you to create attractive photos for all of your promotional campaigns quickly. You can choose from various pre-made designs and visuals accessible for free or subscribe to the paid plan for $12.95 monthly.


Video has become increasingly crucial in content marketing during the last recent years.

This data demonstrates why you should concentrate on creating high-quality films on social networking sites. Animoto is a program that features slide editing and storytelling themes. You can use the blank slate to make videos from zero if you have a unique idea.

Professionals can purchase it for $33/month, while company owners can buy it for $49/month. Individuals can use it for $5 per month.


Fastreel is an online video editor with a variety of features. It can be used to create a video from the ground up and increase the final product quality. There's also a library of layouts that can be used for everything from Fb cover videos to soundtracks, clips, commercials, Snapchat, user reviews, and so more.

By using Fastreel, you'll be able to Improve videos by rotating, flipping, cropping, compressing, muting, and more without installing additional software, Flip and rewind videos, overlay footage, and other visual effects, create customized videos using primed designs.

You can enjoy all features for free or pay 5.95$/video or 9.95$/month to remove the watermark.


FlexClip is a video-making platform that also includes toolkits. You may edit each slide separately, add text, and insert the soundtrack in the accessible storyboard mode.

You can: organize images with drag-and-drop features in the storyboard mode, create films using layouts or from scratch, download the output as MP4 or GIF, watermark with unique illustrations or subtitles, try it for free for an unlimited time or pay 4.99$ for an upgraded plan.


Venngage is a multi-purpose graphics tool. It allows you to generate compelling posts for Insta, Tumblr, Facebook, and other social media platforms by providing dozens of themes. Choose from various infographics, maps, printed materials, banners, postcards, and other resources to make your designs.

Venngage helps you: make any graphic you want, including billboards, slideshows, timetables, mixes, wireframes, and more, personalize your content based on your needs, keep a copy of your own logo for free.


Ripl is an excellent tool for SMM professionals because it allows them to build visuals for marketing their services.

Once you give it further about your company, the tool proposes suitable designs.

The tool helps marketers also monitor and examine their visuals' functionality, choose from designs tailored to their needs, create their designs, plan updates across several social media platforms

Use it for free or pay 14$ for more advanced features.

Best Tools for Sharing and Monitoring Posts

Best Tools for Sharing and Monitoring Posts


Posting constant updates on all of your social media profiles might be stressful.

You may connect and refresh all of your social media profiles with SocialPilot without worrying about exceeding your capacity. It's one of the most reliable social media scheduling and publishing solutions for promoting brand involvement and generating more prospects.

You can also respond in actual time to all comments, messages, and posts on different pages.

The tools offer more data that can help in optimizing the marketing plan.

Compared to its value, it's one of the affordable tools as you can get it for only $ 41.66$/month, and if you're a business owner, you'll get it for $ 83.33$/month.

You can also try SocialPilot for 14 days before deciding on purchasing it or not.

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive monitoring and publishing platform that help marketers monitor their efforts. Sprout Social also features advanced analytics and a social media monitoring feature in adding to content management. As a result, the advertiser will see how visitors see your posts in numerous geographical places.

A 30-day trial of Sprout Social is available for free. If it meets your needs, you may upgrade to the basic version for $99/month or the professional version for $149/month. Advanced features cost $249/month.

Best Tools for Content Curation

Best Tools for Content Curation


Buffer is one of the cult-favorite social medial tools for all social media professionals as it helps in scheduling posting across different platforms.

It gives them an option to schedule posting daily or weekly. They also can follow up on their previous posts' performance to enhance their weaknesses. 

The tool has a "free" version where a person can schedule up to 10 posts across 3 online accounts for one use. For more features, you can upgrade to the basic package for $15 or the big businesses package for $399.


Oktopost is perfect for B2B businesses as it helps in posting, analysis, integration, and engagement. They offer a demo before buying your version.

Best News Filtering Tools

Best News Filtering Tools


Like buzzsomo, Feedly helps marketers in curating more content relevant to their industries.

It offers many exciting content ideas to help you post content that resonates with your followers.

Best Analytics & Reporting Tools

Best Analytics & Reporting Tools


Hootsuite assists you in keeping on top of current events trends, managing cross-channel campaigns, and analyzing the results. It's a powerful interactive tool that allows marketers to unleash the full power of their companies, keep up with developments and general opinion toward your business, maintain and nurture your professional image.

It has a 30-days trial period.


If you want to run your business smoothly and add value to your clients, Hubspot will be the best solution. It's a comprehensive platform where all the content, marketing, design, and sales teams can access.

The platform is ideal for digitizing the marketing processes, getting SEO suggestions, getting reviews, and more.

It has a free version and advanced features for $50/month.

Other Useful Tools

Other Useful Tools


There must be a timeframe to follow to streamline handling your tasks and ensure achieving your marketing goals. Todoist makes it easy for the content, social media, and graphic design teams to collaborate and deliver tasks on time.

The great news is that You can use it for free or pay $3 monthly for the premium package.


Standing out in the internet world means utilizing the best SEO practices to get a higher ranking in Google. So, the Ubersuggest tool will help you understand the high-search volume keywords, competitors, rankings, and more.


Marketing and tracking content is the main skill for every vetted marketer, and no tool is better than "Bitly" to help achieve that as it helps create short trackable links that can be shared on any platform. It's FREE unless you want to adopt a "branded linking" strategy.

Best Social Media Browser Extensions

Best Social Media Browser Extensions
There are other additional tools that you can add as extensions to your browser to streamline your workflow; find them below:


Anyone who does not use Grammarly to proofread their content before publishing it is not a professional marketer.

Grammarly detects all spelling and grammatical errors, clarity, engagement, and delivery issues.

It has a free version and features you can enjoy with advanced plans starting at $11.66 per month.

Movavi Screenshot

Movavi ScreenShot makes it simple to take screenshots of web pages. It eliminates the need for lengthy explanations and allows you to store essential information with a single click. You can add it to any browser, and it's totally free.

ZenMate VPN

Your digital "security man" is ZenMate VPN. It accomplishes two goals: it keeps your IP address from being revealed. It allows you to overcome geographical limitations to access websites you may not have been able to access before. It is also compatible with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox with a 7-day free trial and monthly plans starting from $10.99.

Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter is a free simple tool to convert your file formats. Video and audio formats can be converted on it with the ability to upload up to 1 GB.

Marketers can use it to compress, adjust, and convert any video file.

Emoji Keyboard

As the name conveys, the emoji keyword gives access to hundreds of emojis that you can add to your texts while posting from a laptop.

In Closing,
After extensive research, these were the best social media platform management tools that we came up with, which proved effective after being tested by industry leaders. You have to try all the tools to find the one that best suits your business needs and take your digital skills to the next level.

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