Should You Allow Employees Nap At Work During Ramadan?


The idea of taking a nap at work might seem strange on the surface. Still, it's beneficial for your employees and your business, especially in Ramadan, when employees are tired, and their energy is limited.

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You may be wondering, "Is the concept of taking a nap at work exclusive for Ramadan? Or is it a general concept that prominent companies follow?"

To answer this question here's an example, Google allows its employees to nap at work. It also provides them with a better napping experience, which means that it's a concept followed by pioneer companies.

Today, we will go further than the general concept of taking a nap at work, as we will illustrate more about the benefits of taking a nap at work in Ramadan.

Why should you let employees nap at work generally?

1- Increasing productivity

Nap At Work
Studies have proven that taking a nap at work increases alertness and work performance.

Moreover, it helps with reducing mistakes and restores concentration.

Taking a nap at work also improves work memory and creativity.

2- Creating a sense of belonging

Nap At Work
Employees appreciate it a lot when their company cares for their health and comfort. It makes them feel like the company is their second home.

That gives employees the motivation to work better and do their best. Creating a sense of belonging has proved its efficiency among successful companies through the last years.

Find out more about creating a sense of belonging to your workplace here.

3- Improving work vibes

Nap At Work
Studies have shown that taking a nap at work improves mental health and decreases anxiety levels.

Calm and comfortable employees create a healthy work environment, which enhances creativity and efficiency at work.

It also gives good reputation about your company and attracts more potential employees.

4- Marketing for your company

Nap At Work
It has become more known recently that only innovative companies allow their employees to nap at work.

When you imitate this policy, it gives a great impression about your company.

That helps a lot with gaining better clients and attracting many candidates when you hire for any positions.

Why should you let employees nap at work in Ramadan particularly?

1- Showing appreciation

Nap At Work
If your company has minority Muslim employees, letting them nap at work in Ramadan shows how much your company culture is tolerating and diversity-considering.

Even if Muslims are a majority in your workplace, napping at work is still a great idea. Understanding your employees' exhaustion during Ramadan and allowing them to nap at work represents your openness and appreciation.

2- Making up for the lack of food

Nap At Work
Fasting causes a constant feeling of tiredness because of a lack of food and fluids. That makes your employees less focusing and in a less productive mood.

Taking a nap at work helps your employees reduce the previous symptoms and gives them the chance to refresh their minds.

3- Helping with sleeping problems

Nap At Work
Many Muslims have sleeping problems in Ramadan because of lifestyle changes. A lot of them tend to sleep late and wake up early.

These changes happen due to family gatherings, celebrations, traditions, and suhoor time.

Most Muslims suffer at work because they have to wake up early, even going to bed late. Sleeping hours in Ramadan are so limited for them.

Taking a nap at work fixes this problem somehow, as it gives Muslim employees the chance to rest a little bit and make up for the missing sleeping hours temporarily.

4- Better than caffeine

Nap At Work
Muslims don't get to drink tea or coffee during fasting, so they don't have access to caffeine.

Most of us go for caffeine whenever we feel tired at work, but it's not possible for them. Taking a nap is an excellent alternative for caffeine when it comes to fasting in Ramadan.

 Also, some people have health issues that prevent them from consuming caffeine in general, making a nap the perfect choice for them.

How can I help employees have a better napping experience?

1- Creating a room

Nap At Work
Consider building a separate room for taking a nap in your company. That creates a sense of privacy and comfort for the employees.

Try to make the decorations suitable for the mood of napping. Set up relaxing lights for a cozy atmosphere.

Also, try to pick less vibrant colors for this room. Avoid red, orange, and yellow. You can go for blue, green and pink.

2- Providing tools

Nap At Work
You can provide sleeping tools like pillows and sleeping masks. Consider the idea of playing soothing music for the employees during napping times.

Leading companies in the world follow this policy to provide the utmost comfort for their employees.

3- Scheduling nap times

Nap At Work
Being organized is the key to success. Consider making an organized system for the concept of taking a nap at work. You know what suits your company system the best.

Also, advise employees to take naps before big presentations and important meetings, reflecting positively on their performance.

Please pay attention that a nap shouldn't take more than 30 minutes, as, after 30 minutes, humans' bodies may enter a whole new phase of sleep, which will make them lazy and unproductive.

4- Including naps at work in the company policies

Nap At Work
Build in the concept of nap times in the company policies and culture. When such an idea gets normalized, employees will get comfortable and casual with it.

It also prevents the misuse of it and makes it more familiar to your employees.

Eventually, allowing employees to nap at work gives your company several privileges, especially in Ramadan. It boosts your company's reputation, encourages employees to perform their best, and creates a unique identity for your workplace.

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