Office romance: Dos and Don’ts


Employees spend a lot of hours at work daily, which may cause some office romance. Sometimes coworkers go for casual dating, and some other times it turns into something serious. Relationships at work could be risky personally and professionally; that’s why it’s essential to pay attention to every little action. Although many people believe that office romance is mostly unsuccessful, various relationships proved them wrong. Today, we will show you a complete guide for Dos and don’ts of dating a coworker.


1- Plan very well

Many risks may follow getting involved in a relationship with a coworker, so you have to think very well before taking a step. Do not get overwhelmed by your feelings and let your mind have a little control. Think of the consequences of the situation and don’t take any step until you are particular about your feelings.

2- Consider the company’s policy

A lot of companies have strict rules about coworkers dating. Some other companies even ban the whole concept from happening. Measure the risks from being in a relationship with a colleague and ask yourself if it’s even worth it. If the company’s policies allow the idea of dating, there’s no problem with taking action. Just try to keep it secret as much as possible.

3- Stay professional

You should realize the difference between your partner as a coworker and as a love partner. When it comes to working, they are still the same work colleagues that have to be dealt with professionally. Do not let your emotions control you and keep the love for its time. Both of you won’t be happy about your work getting affected negatively.


1- Date a manager

Humans cannot stay 100% objective all the time, as we are subjective creatures by nature. Dating someone who’s mainly responsible for your job is not the best choice. In most cases, love and work interfere with each other, and both get ruined in the end. If you are willing to take such a step, you can request getting moved to a different team or another branch.

2- Fight at work

As mentioned before, mixing your dating life with work is not a good choice. Whatever happens, don’t fight with your partner about relationship problems at work. It will affect your productivity and also your professional image among colleagues. We know that sometimes it’s hard to keep your emotions aside from work but try as much as possible to postpone fighting later.

3- Announce relationship details

A considerable part of gossiping at work is mainly about relationships and love life. Please stay away from it; it’s a trap. Announcing every single private detail about your relationship with your office coworkers won’t have good results. Respect the privacy of you and your partner, and remember that they may not accept the idea of everybody knowing about your relationship details.

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