Missed Eid Vacation? Here Are 11 Tips To Make It Up For Yourself


We in Drjobpro realize that many employees couldn't make the best out of their Eid al-Fitr holiday. Some couldn't plan for the fun ahead, others faced family issues, and the rest had to finish work during Eid.

Missing the fun is not a nice feeling. It may even affect productivity and gets you in a bad mood.

Don't worry! We've got your back.

Here are 11 tips to help you make it up for missing Eid al-Fitr fun.

1- Bring gifts

Get yourself, family, and friends Eid gifts. That would lift your spirit and spread Eid vibes among your close ones.

It has been scientifically proven that giving others is linked to the release of Oxytocin. That hormone is responsible for the feeling of warmth and connection.

Giving gifts also makes you sense the spirit of Eid, even if the actual Eid days are already gone.

Gifts are a great way to express your love and gratefulness to others. Additionally, it may change much about your relations.

2- Visit family members

Checking on your family members fills your heart with warm vibes. It doesn't have to be only during holidays.

Try to change your perspective about family relations and visits. Eid can be every day if you communicate more with your loved ones.

It's okay if you didn't have enough time to see family members during the holiday. There's still an excellent chance for giving them a visit and spending cozy times.

3- Spread Eid vibes

Even when you get back to the workplace, Eid is all about the feeling and the vibe. Try to cheer yourself and others up.

Be kind and friendly to your coworkers. Co-operate with others and help them out.

Don't forget about the core and values of Eid. That would help you improve your mood and avoid the negative feelings of after Eid al-Fitr melancholy.

4- Work is not the end of the world

Most of us feel bad when we miss the fun of Eid. That happens because we think there's no fun during work.

The ending of Eid doesn't define how much fun you're going to have in life. You can still do exciting activities during workdays.

Thinking of work as a burden doesn't help. It just adds negative vibes and weighs your heart.

5- Change lifestyle

You may need to change stuff about your lifestyle. It's better to be more organized to achieve more work-life balance

Sometimes work feels like a burden just because you don't follow the proper lifestyle. Eat healthy food, sleep early and do exercises.

Write down what annoys you the most about getting back to work, which would help recognize the reasons for your negative feeling.

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6- Make work friendships

Having friends at work encourages a lot of productivity. Sometimes we don't realize how much it's essential to have good company.

Try to make friends at work so that you can spend a lot of time with them.

Work friends don't have to be real-life friends, but creating good relations helps improve your professional life.

7- Wear Eid clothes

A considerable part of Eid's celebration is about wearing new clothes and going out to see people.

You can wear Eid clothes to work if it suits your workplace policy. That would help you catch Eid's vibes and feel good about the first day of work.

8- Make kahk and give coworkers

Kahk or Eid cookies are a traditional food that most Arab countries bake for Eid.

Even when the holiday comes to an End, you can still bake Eid cookies and enjoy their taste.

Spread joy in your workplace by giving kahk to your coworkers.

9- Turn every day into Eid

Why do you prefer Eid?

Is it because of the holiday or the family time?

Find out about your reasons for loving Eid and recreate them daily. If there's a specific routine that you like about Eid, repeat it on the regular weekends.

Every day can be Eid for you if you make the same habits that make you happy.

You can do them even in your workplace differently. It's all about the spirit and the happy vibes.

10- Balance life and work

We probably feel bad about missing Eid fun because there's no life-work balance.

Many people focus on work and don't give themselves a chance for leisure time.

If you don't have fun, work will be tiring and boring.

Go out, meet friends, go shopping, get yourself a meal and enjoy your time.

11- Reconsider your career

Maybe you feel bad about getting back to work just because you don't enjoy or love it enough.

Rethink your reasons for having your job in the first place. Sometimes we need to explore more about the goals we have.

You may need to set new dreams and missions. That would help you recognize more information about your career.

May all your days become Eid!