Love Life-Career Balance: 5 Tips For You


You and your partner are always busy. Both of you barely spend time together because of work pressure. You probably miss their mere existence in your lives. Sometimes you think that it’s better to give up on either your relationship or your career.

Most of us want to have a successful love life and a great career, but is this balance even possible?

We realize how much you struggle every day to achieve that; here are some tips to help you.

1- Be understanding

Remember that the world doesn’t revolve around you. Be a grown-up person and try to accept the nature of your partner’s job. Please sympathize with their struggles. Think before blaming them and give yourself time to get through the whole situation. We know you face hardships too, but that’s another good reason that makes you relate to what they go through. If you both are together in this, support each other instead of weakening them.

2- Get yourself a life

One of the huge reasons for fights between partners is that sometimes one feels left out, while the other person is busy with their steady job. That will partially vanish if you embrace your individuality first. Being a part of a relationship doesn’t mean that you both are the same person. Try to get rid of your co-dependency and explore how you can be terrific as an individual human being. You can also find out about your identity and who you are.

3- Grow together

As much as individuality is essential, being connected to your partner has the same importance. Your relationship should make you grow as a human being. You do that by supporting each other and pushing each other to achieve your dreams together. Discuss your goals and try to find ways to make them work. Both of you are not competitors, and this is not a war. If any of you is more successful in your job than the other person, that doesn’t make anybody less. Get rid of these success standards and enjoy what you already have.

4- Create time

Stop saying, “I am busy,” and taking that as an excuse for not spending time with your partner. Relationships need a lot of hard work, and they are as essential as having a career. Schedule fixed times for both of you together, and do not ever let yourself cancel them. Make a date night on Wednesday and another movie night on Saturday. You could also always have dinner together and talk about how you feel. It would be best if you keep your mobile phones away as
it’s your time, not anybody else’s.

5- Know your priorities

Sadly, you’d have to give up some stuff on your way. That idea of having a perfect life with everything in it is not a realistic one. Know what to sacrifice and when to do it. Sometimes you’d have to let go of some career goals for your relationship’s sake. Some other times you’d let go of some perfect moments with your partner to achieve a career-related thing. It’s preferable to be aware of what you want to give up on based on your personality. Please communicate with your partner and tell them your priorities. Mature discussions are always the best, especially if you have someone who’s as grown up as you are.

If you have any further tips on balancing your career and love life, please leave them in the comments.

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