LinkedIn: UAE Hiring Rate Returns To Pre-pandemic Levels


The latest professional network data for LinkedIn showed that October 2020 saw the UAE's employment rates return to pre-pandemic levels of the Coronavirus (COVID 19), with an annual growth rate of 9.5% compared to October 2019.

LinkedIn also has added that there are pockets of hiring growth with 14 million jobs available worldwide on its platform, particularly in healthcare and technology roles, the data shows.

It also identified ten jobs expected to continue to be in high demand by employers in the future, including digital marketers, data analysts, software developers, and financial analysts. Digital skills, in particular, are in demand. LinkedIn projects that the technology sector will add 150 million jobs globally in the next five years.

"Despite the resurgence of Covid infections globally and countries going into second lockdowns, there are pockets of hiring growth in the UAE during the latest 3 months." Ali Matar, Head of LinkedIn EMEA Emerging Markets, Middle East & Africa, said.

Job seekers can see how their skills can lead them to new career opportunities, what additional skills they may need with developing new skills, searching for jobs, and interacting on professional platforms are essential elements for getting new jobs quickly.

LinkedIn data indicates countries that avoid shutting down their economies do not see an improved hiring trend in the long run, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Sweden and Brazil, who have avoided economic lockdowns, have seen a severe drop in hiring. In contrast, other European countries have implemented restrictions and seen more consistent growth in hiring.

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