Is It Ok for Job Seekers to Get Hired Via Text Messaging?


If you're a hiring manager trying to overcome your continuous hiring processes that eat up most of your time, connecting with job seekers via text messaging will be a viable choice. As per Pew Research Center, 97%of mobile users send at least one text message/week.

But Is it really Ok. to job seekers to get hired via text messaging? A channel that is more related to friendly conversations with funny emojis than professional talks?

To learn more, and analytics corporation interviewed 282 job seekers to figure out how they want to interact with hiring managers.

Their findings, which are summarized below, will help employers determine how to use better messaging to communicate with applicants.

Significant Results

  1. On the formality level of recruiter messaging, job seekers are divided: 35% think it's formal, 34% think it's informal, and 31% think it's neither formal nor informal.
  2. For recruitment reasons, texting is not a standard mode of communication: Job seekers tend to be approached by recruiters by email or phone in six realistic examples.
  3. Texting after work hours, (14%) see it's inappropriate, (12%) see that recruiters send texts that irrelevant to recruiting, and (10%) send the interview result.
  4. Mid- to Late-Morning Is the ideal time to text. The majority of job seekers prefer to be reached by text message from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.
  5. 40% of job seekers agree that recruiters should reach them using another channel after two sequence text messages.

This means,

Both recruiters and applicants profit from messaging, and advanced tech is making the tool more versatile by incorporating monitoring features and customized models. However, since the procedure is still evolving, recruiters can quickly misuse texting, making it look tactless and scaring away prospective candidates.

Recruiters can get answers and share needs with applicants quicker because 90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of being received.

However, since texting is a relatively new addition to most recruiters' toolkits, many are unaware of industry trends. Furthermore, not all applicants may choose to be communicated in this more intimate and casual manner.

To conclude,

Like any communication tool, text messaging requires marketing, expertise, and knowledge to be conducted professionally.

In other words, recruiters need to know how job seekers feel about being contacted via text to make the most of this mean.

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