Intelligent Buildings to Be the Norm of The UAE in 2020


When we continue living in this unusual 'new standard,' business analysts predict that tech will play a significant role in this transition. The industry is projected to see tremendous growth in the new techniques such as Intelligent Building Management Systems (BMS), Touchless Access Control Systems, Facial Recognition, Heat Sensors, Advanced HAVAC, and Drones, are examples.

As per Jon Sander, partner of Godwin Austen Johnson (GAJ), who built some of the most emblematic buildings in the UAE, "the emphasis should be on how we can make our residences perspective while maintaining space for social contact."

As the sector is undergoing transition, construction firms engaged in implementing projects are now doing their part by implementing technology and tools that build a healthy and stable working atmosphere for their workers and ensure that projects are not hampered by architecture, supply chain, or workforce problems.

Professionals at 3D modeling and engineering technology company Autodesk say that AEC (architecture, engineering, and construction) has undergone exponential evolution over the last decade, and Covid-19 has driven progress as never before—from new criteria for physical distances and effects to the supply chain to the unexpected need for telecommuting.

The American engineering firm AECOM, which has helped to develop ventures such as Etihad Towers and Damac Heights, acknowledges that technology such as BIM, common data environments and data science have helped the organization achieve higher work performance, optimized distribution workflows, improved on-site and off-site protection and increased work quality thanks to cloud-based technological quality review procedures.

Experts claim the building technologies or methods that have been there for quite a few years but are intended to be used more widely for projects include BIM, pre-fab design, GPS-enabled systems, 4D & 5D modeling, drones, and robotics.

In the coronavirus pandemic background, the building industry is pressing for rapid technological implementation, with off-site and modular construction leading businesses and contractors needing to weigh the supply of labor, social distances, health, and safety requirements.

The UAE-based Speed House, which focuses on prefabricated construction, modular and off-site products, sees a spike in customers seeking to pursue such solutions. Michel Hanna, group manager at Speed House, says the pandemic has forced people to interact with nature, and developers are now considering previously undeveloped areas.

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