How to sell yourself?


Each market has its own product and almost all have the same features but "why do most people buy a particular product and not the other?

So what is the competitive advantage of this product?! Maybe (the appearance - taste - price) similarly you! There are individuals who apply for the same job, but what distinguishes you?

Your skills and practical experience is not enough completely 100% to be unique to the employers, and to get an equivalent salary for the position. You must first know how to market yourself in a way to be noticed?!

Certainly, each of us has what distinguishes it from the other .If you do not know it yet, you leave your "reputation" in the hands of those around you, regardless of whether this really distinguishes you or has another skill distinguished you in the market.

The companies need to market themselves and their services, the hospital needs to market itself to hire skilled doctors, private schools market themselves to hire efficient teachers, and also before launching a specific product in the market, you should do feasibility study to know the target audience to achieve the goal. Build Up your personal brand as market requirements to be a competitive one.

Finally to succeed in the job market you have to understand what you are selling so that you can successfully market yourself. Also, It is so important to know what makes you unique, but what you should consider "If your name is a brand, what will the brand say about you?!”.

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