How to Pick a Career That Suits You the Best?


People spend one-third of their lives at work which is almost 25 to 30 years. What if you spent these years stressed, struggling to achieve success, and find yourself with no significant accomplishments after retirement?

Picking a career that reflects your passion, personality, and skills will bear its fruits, and you'll find yourself a successful and influential person. Yet, how to select a career in today's job market in which two days are not the same?

This writes up aimed to help you put your feet on the ground while selecting a career.

Why It's Important to Start Now Drawing Your Career Path?

Time: A average career life can eat up between 20% and 60% of your meaningful adult life.

Life Standard: your job defines your whole life. It's the reason behind a stable or troubled life.

Influence:  Whatever form the career path takes, it will affect the environment.

Character:  your character will be what you choose to make it, so building a successful career path will be the way to a successful character.

So, how to pick a career that suits you the best?

Plan Your Career from Scratch

You'll have a considerable advantage over others, which follow old traditional theories while searching for jobs if you can find out how to get a pretty clear view of the actual global job market.  We live now where if you don't find a suitable career, you can create one for yourself. It's the world of "influencing" with all its forms.

Set A Career Framework

Setting a career framework doesn't have to be rocket science. You can make the following practical three steps:

  • Create a list of your target companies and target employers.
  • Make a list of all the occupations that are feasible to pursue.
  • Find the fields where you are an ideal candidate and fields where you can improve to be outstanding.

Filter Your Occupations List

After creating a list of many jobs, you'll be eager to filter this list into 10 to 20 jobs only to narrow down your target positions. Read the requirements of each of the professions on the list.

On job search websites, you can find all the details you need about the job: description, educational background, qualifications, and years of experience. Try to define more about each career progression expectation. List pay ranges and market demand to scale between the high-paying and most-in-demand positions and set a successful career.

Assess Your Inner Personality

Before planning and starting a career, you must uncover your inner values, abilities, preferences, skills, and talents. You've to define your big selling points, helping you stand out among the crowd while applying for jobs. Find a clear answer for What you can do. Can't others?

Utilize self-assessment software and career assessments to dive into and know more about your personality characteristics and, then, create a list of jobs where you're the perfect fit. Some individuals seek career coach or career growth consultations from experts to define their real personalities.

Define Career Pitfalls

Before, Career life was like a tunnel where you may spend 40 years of your life in it. You chose your tunnel and entered it, and then the journey starts. Your 40 years' journey will, in all cases, end by being retired.

Today's job market isn't that tunnel where you may have stuck for tens of years; it's enormous, profit-driven, and that's constantly technologically evolving.

Utilize Networking and Informational Interviews

Networking plays a crucial role in starting a career and gets a new job. Through your network, on LinkedIn, or your family members, you can:

Conduct informational interviews to collect information and answer your questions around any position you desire to get. You can ask important questions like "How did you start your first job?", "How many years are your experience?", "what's your position title right now?" etc.

Spread the word that you are looking for a job, so someone recommends you for a position.

Reach the hidden job market. Today, recruiters ask their employees if they have any person they can recommend for the position before posting their job ad, so saying it on your social media accounts that you're now open for new opportunities can bring you the job.

Reveal Your Inner Passion

Ask yourself why. Why will I work? Why I set a plan? Why this career? Whys always lead to the truth.

Escape out of your rejection cage: Think freely about your inner desires and big dreams. Don't prison yourself in the "I can't" or "It's impossible" cages.

Prioritize: Start with steps that will leave a significant impact on the overall journey. Go big early and exceed your limits to feel the difference.

Consider Different Desires that Affect Your Career Choices

Personally: You look for a satisfying job where you can enjoy 100% job security.

Socially: You look for a job that maintains your prestigious identity to be the best employee every company wants to hire. A job where you can be a charismatic leader and a strict manager. It's a conflict between what you can do and what you want to be.

Lifestyle: You look for a job where you can live that luxurious life while having no stress at all.

Core Values: You look for a humanitarian job where you are courageous, compassionate, kind, open-handed.

Money: you look for a high-paying job where you receive a big salary to buy the latest fashion clothes, eat at the best restaurants, and drive the most luxurious cars.

Set A Career Action Plan

After considering:

  1. Planning your career from scratch
  2. Setting a career framework
  3. Filtering your occupation list
  4. Defining career pitfalls
  5. Utilizing networking and informational interviews
  6. Revealing your inner passion
  7. Considering different desires that affect your career choices
  8. Assessing your inner personality
Set It's like a roadmap where you step from point 1 to point 2, then from 2 to 3 until you reach your goal in the long term. Indeed, setting a career path and searching for jobs isn't that catwalk. You'll face many challenges, but you've to overcome them to achieve your dream. Obstacles don't block the path, they're the path.

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