How to Handle "Mr. Escalate-it-all" in Work?


Have you ever found a simple discussion with your colleague turned into a problem or complaint out of the blue?

How often do you find yourself in trouble because of escalating a problem to managers or the business owner?

There is no doubt that all of us have this problem-maker coworker, either they are small or big, which increases the workload as you have to get your work done, stick to deadlines, and get out of every problem you face because that's his way and that's his behavior. 

How can you deal with "Mr. Escalate-it-all," and how do you avoid a clash with him? How do you focus on your goals and keep everyone respecting you?

Below are the answers to all the questions that pop into your mind:

Predict the battle flashpoint

There is no doubt that your experience in dealing with people in general and with Mr. Escalators, in particular, made you an expert in predicting when the battle will rekindle and avoiding this, or try to get out of the situation with minimal loss. How do you save yourself?

  • Do not engage in useless discussions
  • If the task can be accomplished without getting him involved, do it alone.
  • Don't let him know all of your work
  • Do not talk about personal matters when dealing with him/her.

Set boundaries

Be Nice but firm. Don't make him feel like he's your friend. Setting boundaries help you avoid many problems that affect your productivity.

Set boundaries in dealing, in discussions, and even limits when dealing with problems or resulting problems.

Don't fire the fire

Do not try to treat these people the way they treat you. It will worsen, and you may put yourself in the "troublemaker" area at work, and your behavior will be nothing different from his. Instead, keep calm and handle things more wisely.

Be direct and honest

Discontent needs no introduction. Tell him directly that these behaviors are bothering you and can be avoided by being gentle and trying to understand precisely what the other means without nitpicking.

Do not self-flagellate

We all have the right to speak and express what's inside, without feeling guilty later. Just keep the information gently delivered without offending anyone, even if you're in trouble.

Emphasize the need to adhere to good work behavior

Working in an environment of anxiety, tension, and problems will only lead to a decline in the team's overall e performance and a lack of cooperation and productivity. Try to communicate with the human resources department and emphasize the need for everyone to respect and understand each other.

Don't be overwhelmed

Don't allow anyone to make you feel anxious or take up too much of your time and focus on your goals. Remember that you can take the necessary steps to make the work environment less hectic. For example, you can avoid talking to him entirely except for work.

Seek excuses

There are fundamentally negative people; There are also people whose personal lives and inner feelings are incredibly negative, reflected in the workplace. Therefore, you should be gentle with others, even if they are not. Don't ignore the misbehavior to the extent where people feel it's Ok to escalate things with you and speak up when needed.


Familiarize yourself to ignore, as not everything that is said is worth answering. Ignoring in a time of anger is intelligence, a time of hardships is persistence, and a time of the offense is wisdom. This is the best way to get out of the problem while maintaining your focus and productivity.

In the end, all employees should always strive for the best, and that best is not achieved without maintaining good relations with others. The problem should be escalated, but not in all cases. Over escalating might lead some to quit the job to get rid of the stress of too many issues, which hampers their professional goals.

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