How to evaluate if a job offer is right for you?


You finally got accepted into a job you were looking for, but you’re unsure if the job offer suits you best. A lot of us face that issue whenever we get to start a new job. We are here to help you with tips to know if the job offer is right for you or it’s not worth the effort.

1- Define your Career Path
A lot of people apply for random jobs without knowing if this is what they want. Please try to figure out the right career path for you to help you accept the best offer.

2- Calculate Salary
Salary is a crucial part of the job offer. You should consider it and think if it is suitable for your needs and sufficient for you. It also defines how much you’re going to feel financially appreciated through your job.

3- Calculate Savings and Expenses
There should be a balance between your income and your expenses. Compare between them and make sure that your salary is going to cover both.

4- Check Work Hours and Daily Commuting
The working hours should be suitable for your personality and sleep hours to make you feel comfortable through your new job.

5- Research Your Prospective Employer
It will help you figure out if the employer’s policy and culture are suitable for your personality. Also, check feedbacks from previous employees.

6- Check Company Culture
You wouldn’t feel comfortable if you can’t blend in with the company’s culture. It may make you feel left out or that you don’t belong.

7- Check Benefits and Perks
Perks are not only financial, but there is also stuff like the annuals and the holidays. Make sure that the benefits align with your needs.

8- Consider Your Circumstances
The job may be perfect for somebody else with different circumstances. Try to be realistic and think of what goes along with your life conditions.

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