How to be the perfect freelancer on DrJobpro


There are thousands of freelancers out there who do various jobs in different industries, but not all are doing their jobs perfectly. We will show you some tips to help you to be a perfect freelancer on DrJobpro.

1- Don't try to compete on price

You have to prove yourself first and your quality of work before taking this step. Your priority now is to work on your skills and potentials. Show everyone out there that you are worthy of trust.

2- Don't get discouraged by low bids

Low bids do not define you as a freelancer. Your excellent work defines your worth. Leave negative thoughts behind your back and start valuing what you do.

3- Differentiate yourself

Why would a client choose me? Ask yourself this question and find out about your qualities. Work on your unique skills and turn them into strong points. People always look for those who introduce significant products.

4- People look for solutions, not "code."

Try to provide simple answers to your clients' questions. Please do not complicate things for them, and try to illustrate your work adequately. Also, try to figure out your clients' requirements, as everybody is different from the other.

5- Don't be afraid to learn new things

A good freelancer always works on their skills and goes beyond their comfort zone. Nobody is too perfect for learning and development. Communicate with professionals and always ask questions.

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