How does Your Favorite Rainbow Color Determine Your Perfect Job?


"What's your favorite color?" Do you remember that childish question that we always used to ask to teach children colors and gain access to their world?

 In today's continually changing job market, this question has become a formal measurement tool that is used to gain knowledge about the candidate's personality. By determining the favorite color, you, as well as the hiring managers, can figure out a successful career path by defining what your personality traits are? How you handle work tasks? What is the best position that fits you?

How does Your Favorite Rainbow Color Determine Your Perfect Job?

"The Color Career Counselor," powered by the Dewey Color System, is the world's only validated, non-language color-based career testing instrument that uses color preferences to figure out successful career paths. Dewey Sadka, the author of " The Dewey Color System," says, " Color preference indicates your personality's best career fit. Preferred colors indicate passionate career pursuits, non-preferred choices establish workplace skills you least enjoy."

What about you?

Is your character the best to be an accountant, a lawyer, an architect, a marketing specialist, or a manager? To discover what is your perfect career path based on your preferred colors, here are some examples of what your favorite rainbow color says about your skills and ideal careers.

  • If your favorite color is Red: You are the pioneer leader.
Red people like to be the "center of attention"- actually all reds attract the attention because they are ambitious, competitive, and want to be the winners all the time... The first place is their aim and the second place is not satisfying.

They are logical, responsible, decisive, risk-takers, strong-willed, and fast-paced thinkers. With the leadership qualities and solid skills to move people into action, working in careers including consulting, product sales, investment, banking, management, or any money engagement positions is perfect for them.

  • If your favorite color is Orange: You are the action-oriented adventurer.
Orange personality people tend to be eager, optimistic, spontaneous, and energetic. They are also out of the box thinkers and have skills to overcome barriers in their work. They seek flexibility in accomplishing their tasks. Due to being witty and risk-takers, careers in engineering, marketing, building, development, and firefighting would be the right choice for them.

  • If your favorite color is Yellow: You are the communicator.
As a yellow personality type, they are organized, details-oriented communicators. They have good statistics, facts, and deadlines memory, which make their co-workers depend on them. Besides, their unique communication skills can open the doors for new achievements and develop more leading strategies. They can quickly adapt to any work culture due to the exceptional skills to simplify the complex, relate to others, and to determine when and how to speak. With all these confidence-boosting characteristics, yellow individuals can work in careers such as marketing, law, media, customer service, and sales.

  • If your favorite color is Green: You are the perfectionist.
Greens always seek knowledge and understanding. Their values include problem-solving, logic, competency, challenge, and technology. As being people of support and analytical skills, green people's best job would be in product management, writing, law, consulting, banking and finance, and production analysis.

  • If your favorite color is Blue: You are the caretaker and the peacemaker.
People with blue personality type, care deeply about others, they enjoy helping people, and developing more human relationships. They are also passionately motivated by the desire to nurture others. As being sympathetic, enthusiastic, and service-oriented individuals, Blues are good at nursing, teaching, counseling, human resources, psychiatry, and social work.

  • If your favorite color is Indigo: You are the man of integrity.
Individuals who favor Indigo are generally perfect for careers that involve understanding, integrity, and compassion. As being a combination of deep blue and violet, Indigo people hold the characteristics of both these colors. Indigos' perfect careers include social work, customer service, education, airports, and nursing.

  • If your favorite color is Violet: You are the creative artist.
People with violet personality types tend to be unique, creative, artistic, introverted, and utopian. It's easy for them to identify the client's needs and point of view and develop strategies that open the already closed doors. Their excellent understanding and communication skills make them perfect in careers like graphic designing, acting, writing, marketing, and arts.

To conclude, Drjob wishes the best for your future success in your career as you have learned how to define your perfect job based on your favorite rainbow color. It would help you whether you're trying to identify a new career, attend a job interview, or work as a part of a team.

Moreover, all business owners should realize that every employee plays a role in bringing more success for your business, and you can make the best use of every personality by learning how to hire, assign tasks, and motivate in ways that address their personality color.

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