Google Releases New Features For Android 9 & Above


The latest Android update from Google comprises various cool features, mainly being the Password check-up tool, Text scheduling, and few other apps which are part of your Android operating system which are pre-installed onto your device.

Google has recently announced the implementation of its latest features update for Android – This type of Android update falls in the context of smaller updates rather than the operating system update cycle Google usually carries out. 

This could give the intuition of Google taking the same approach as that of Apple’s “Point releases” – Just like other tech giants such as Facebook adopting the famous Snapchat story feature.

Without further ado, here are the key updates coming soon to your Android phone:

  • Password Check-up Tool:

    This by far is one of the most powerful updates, in my opinion, Google can perform - It is part of the Autofill feature.

    Giving you very useful insights about what credentials of yours saved in Autofill could be possibly compromised – Afterwards you will be prompted to change a password if found exposed before.

  • Scheduling Messages:

    This very cool feature is publicly introduced after a fairly long time - Since the invention of SMS, people have always imagined that this feature will be cast in stone one day, and Google now has made it possible.

    It allows you to adjust the send time to a later hour during the day or to be sent on a completely different day – Just like you would schedule work on a calendar.

  • TalkBack:

    This update has been a form of response from Google to the community – You’ve probably haven't heard of this app before but it’s out there for the use of screen reading for people with vision difficulties or visually impaired.

    This great update from Google allows visually impaired people to navigate their phones using voice or hand movements.
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