"Gitex" To Resolve World Problems After Corona


Technology leaders of companies that took part in "Gitex Technology Week" has affirmed that the event will make a big difference in the 2021 business scene, and they confirm that it will provide the global technology community with new opportunities to create smart ways to work and live in the post-Corona world. It is contributing to the recovery of not only the UAE but all the countries of the region.

Gitex took place after the cancellation of hundreds of exhibitions and events worldwide due to the Corona pandemic. It became the top global technology event in 2020, organized directly and in a personal presence. After a year of lost business opportunities, it opened up to the world new windows of innovation and solutions to new and previously unknown challenges facing organizations and companies. To be a vital sign of the gradual recovery in the UAE's various sectors, contributing to the country's and region's economies.

GITEX Technology Week came this year when it is increasingly essential to provide rapid communication to individuals, businesses, and all organizations to support their distance learning, work, and social networking systems. With the ideal GITEX platform to build more corporate bridges and open collaboration between the public and private sectors, the ICT sector can make a more vital contribution to advancing the digital economy's development. This, in turn, contributes to the promotion of sustainable development, digital transformation, and post-pandemic economic recovery.

The event witnessed companies and institutions' broad participation from more than 60 countries and offered their best new technological innovations. The participating countries included Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Belgium, Russia, and Japan.

The event was attended by 200 international investors, 19 technical sectors, and 350 speakers, and the Gulf countries' fifth-generation revenues were expected to be approximately $28 billion.

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