Four Steps to Master The E-commerce Game In The UAE


The UAE e-commerce market has witnessed massive growth in 2020 because customers turned to digital shopping following the lockdown and other local government initiatives to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In a recent survey conducted earlier this year by Dubai Economy, Dubai Police, and Visa, about half (49%) of UAE consumers said they've been shopping more online since the epidemic. The majority (61%) say they are now using more cards or digital wallets to pay electronically instead of cash on delivery. For many, it was also their first online ordering experience. Still, research reveals that they are unwilling to give up the comfort of the e-commerce experience after the pandemic.

But, they have announced that there is still a lot to come.

According to a joint study by Dubai Economic and Visa, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) e-commerce Landscape 2020, the UAE e-commerce market is expected to see continued expansion, fueled by demand for online transactions tech-savvy young population.

Shopping via mobile devices, personal computers, tablets, and connected devices is an agreed part of their daily lives. Considering the country's high population of digitally born millennials, if you're not making the transition to smooth and easy online shopping, the market risks are slipping behind.

To help your company plan the next step in its online development, here are four steps you need to consider to move up your e-commerce game:

Bridge the digital shopping gap with augmented reality

AR technologies deliver a much richer shopping experience that allows online shoppers to properly imagine the items they are interested in from their homes' comfort and privacy. The practice is expected to continue post-pandemic as a means for customers to monitor or test things before purchase.

Utilize social media platforms and in-app purchase

With people stuck on their smartphones for hours of the day with much time spent on social media, think about how much more your company will have if you sell on social networking and sharing platforms.

Get reviews and personalize the process

Merchants are continually studying existing consumer actions, purchasing habits, demographic data, and other personal details to uncover patterns, trends, and interactions that guide individualized offers and product recommendations. More information will give you an extra advantage to keep your consumers happy, returning, and growing.

Diversify Your Payment methods

Dubai Economy has prioritized digital payments as a key enabler for its smart transition, setting Dubai apart as a dynamic global business center. Partnerships between government and private sector actors are also instrumental in driving e-commerce and economic growth.