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Father's job description: As a man, one day, you'll find yourself facing the following Job Posting:

A team player is required for a challenging job position in a sometimes stressful setting. The contract will be for the rest of your life.

The candidate must have good communication and organizational skills and be ready to work on night shifts. Some nightly trips are necessary, such as visits to doctors on rainy nights and interminable sports competitions in distant towns.

Moreover, considerable delivery responsibilities are also required. Transportation spendings are non-refundable.

No experience is required as there will be on-job training. Also, there's no salary, and you'll pay, and you'll give increases and bonuses regularly!

“Fathers, like mothers, are not born. Men grow into fathers and fathering is a very important stage in their development.”

— David Gottesman

In light of this job posting, could you predict what will exactly be your job description?

A father's duties are critical to the development and growth of his kid. Therefore, parents have a significant influence on their children's development. In certain times, mothers and fathers complement each other's duties, yet there are other things that only a father can accomplish.

Fathers, it's in their job description to be superheroes, in their children's eyes.

As a father, you've to recognize that your attitudes and decisions significantly influence your children, so what actually are your duties?

In this article, you'll discover the six duties of dads and the significance of instilling these duties in your children and other children as we have the opportunity to influence many aspects of their lives.

You're The Security Symbol

As a father, you should be the source of security in your child's life. You should be the first one whom your child turns to for help when he is in danger.

That means you should constantly be accessible to your child, providing a secure environment where he may seek protection and rest promptly, freely, and spontaneously.

As a security source, you should demonstrate to your child that you are a haven for him, not a threat.

You're The Friend

Being a friend to your child does not imply that you are only the one who goes to hang out with him! It actually means that you should constantly be there for your child, listening to both his joys and troubles.

You must always be available when he needs you, and you must be overflowing with unending kindness, tolerance, sympathy, and patience.

You're The Backbone

In today's life, children face many different kinds of troubles that we didn't face 20 years ago. Coronavirus is an obvious example of these troubles as they're now experiencing online learning where there're no school memories, lockdown where they have to stay home for days and days, and more.

So, as a father, you've to be the all-the-time supporter. You have to be the source of encouragement and rigidity. Always bear in mind that you're the lifeline for your child.

You're The Mate

In today's hectic life, fathers forget to inform their children how great they are. Therefore, it's critical always to support and praise your child using words of encouragement. You have to constantly highlight your happiness due to his achievements and convey how his success makes you proud and delighted—making your child a happy kid while helping him grow into a happy adult.

You're The Condoner

Naturally, parents always forgive their children whatever their mistakes. Yet, sometimes fathers are tough while dealing with their children while committing a mistake due to the life hurdles. So, when your child commits a mistake, remember when you were a child! How naughty you were and how your parents dealt with you.

While being a father, you've to be tolerant all the time. That is not to say that you should be numb or weak, but excellent dads will teach their children via love, not wrath, disrespect, ridicule, or toughness.

You're The Veracious

One of the first lessons children learn as they grow up is to be truthful and reliable. Therefore, fathers must stick to being continuously honest in their children's lives. That is the cornerstone for providing a secure environment for every child. You must be a reliable person as a father, so your child takes you as the symbol of trustworthiness, honesty, and loyalty.

Men, if you can conduct these 6 duties, you will have a significant effect on your children's lives. You will make a significant impact as they grow up, and you'll be a role model for them on how they should be ideal fathers.

Most significantly, you will leave them with the memories of their father … a knowledgeable, kind, and devoted companion.

How to Successfully Accomplish Your Job Duties as A Father?

Father's job description
  • Create a "Father's Job Description." Check your job description for details such as hours, tasks, goals, missions, and so on. This will be a fantastic kickstart.
  • Discuss with your wife what will be your responsibilities as a father, and be precise. For example, discuss daily caregiving responsibilities, the average time spent with the children, education, managing work and family difficulties, religious and ethical instructions, the importance of being a solid family, etc.
  • Remember your relationship with your father. What are his lessons to you, what is good, and what negatively affects your life as you grow and develop? This will help you a lot in conducting a solid job description as a father.
  • Make the most of any opportunity to spend more "family time" with your youngster. Memories come when you don't plan for them. That time will be quality time for you and your children.
What exactly is your job description, father? Then, please join the conversation by commenting below!

To be able to accomplish your family duties, you've to secure your financial ones first,