Employer Tips: How to Set The Right Deadlines for Employees


Deadlines are usually benchmarks or time frames in which an employee should abide when carrying out their tasks – But how do you set the right type of deadline for your employees to meet efficiently?

As a manager setting a realistic and achievable deadline is essential – Boosting your employees’ confidence and self-esteem. 

Ultimately, besides the tips jotted down for you in today’s article, it’s fundamental to place deadlines in alignment with the SMART goal concept.  

S: Specific in outlining all the desired results and outcomes. 

M: Measurable result that can be divided into milestones for big projects. 

A: Attainable, given your team’s individuals' abilities and capabilities. 

R: Relevant goals to tailor needs help in time efficiency.  

T: Being Time-Bound is what having a deadline is for. 

Tips to deliver a successful project before the assigned deadline:

  1. Be Specific - As we mentioned earlier in this article, integrating the SMART goal technique can be of great help to understand the importance of giving a specific day/date for the task to be completed by that time frame. 

  2. Prioritize Projects - Make it clear for employees which projects are of greater prominence to be accomplished first to avoid the intersection of projects. 

  3. Utilize the help of tools - Deadlines are more likely to be met when there is a software or tool designated for that purpose in play – Consider using tools such as Gantt Chart to help your employees digest the given information and what is the anticipated time frame for each subtask of the project. 

  4. Identify problems and provide solutions – Debugging errors and finding solutions for any problems that might arise are two sides of one coin.
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