Employer Tips: How to Manage Employees From Different Time Zones?


With cross-country hirings and freelancers ruling the roost these days, managing a virtual team could be challenging. Moreover, if the employees are located in different countries bringing everyone on the same page can make you go nuts. But before you lose your mind, this is what you must read.

To preserve an efficient and productive workflow of your employees, one must be aware of the gap between various timings in their corresponding locations.

As an employer, one of the newest learned task managing skills in the market – Involves recalling every one of your employees’ time zones.

Meetings also should be rearranged to suitable times where all employees involved in the meeting are capable to attend according to their time zone with no limitations.

In today’s article I’m going to shed light on some of the most important tips to aid in honing your organizational skills:

  • Utilize the use of helpful apps and software for collaboration.

  • Consider a reference time zone such as the office’s original time zone.

  • Maintain the stance of being patient.

  • Tailor tasks and workdays to match multiple time zones, split shifts could be a useful way to implement this one.

  • Set accurate deadlines – If hours timing is essential here it’s a good idea to give each employer the delivery date and time each in their time zones.
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